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$1.6M from US for project using vessels to gather river data – New Orleans CityBusiness – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-06-10 10:03:11 –

The federal government is spending $ 1.6 million to help Louisiana develop a “smartport” that collects data on the state of the Mississippi River and traffic from tugboats, barges, and other vessels, officials said Wednesday. Said to.

Officials said the SmartPort project was the first in the country.

According to Governor John Bel Edwards and the Gulf Water Institute, the state has added $ 1.4 million to a grant from the Ministry of Commerce’s Economic Development Board.

The Water Institute, which is already on board the ship, will now utilize equipment primarily used by individual crew members, President and CEO Justin Ehrenworth said in a telephone interview from Baton Rouge. Said.

It’s like a Waze app for drivers. “You don’t need a new smartphone or device, but the data can help you determine the best route.”

Ah Experimental project It was run at the port of New Orleans using about 12 tugboats from one company.

The Water Research Institute uses data on the bottom of the river to predict where silt will deposit before it gets in the way.

Ehrenwerth said he understands that when problems arise, ports often call dredgers. “The problem with reactivity is losing time, losing money, and burning more fuel,” he said.

He said that once the forecast was made, all eight ports in Louisiana on the Mississippi River would get the forecast. Two years after being covered by the grant, Ehrenwerth said they would be asked to pay.

The Water Institute also creates a customized port resilience plan from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Port resilience index.

He said the contractor would create a dashboard that combines river depth and traffic information with weather, river and traffic data from the roads around the port to improve port efficiency.

The Smart Port & Resilience Center on the lower Mississippi River is based at the Baton Rouge Water Institute.

According to Ehrenwerth, tugboat and barge data are not as accurate as those of specially designed survey vessels such as those owned by the Army Corps of Engineers, but there is enough data to fine-tune the accuracy.

According to Ehrenworth, tugboat and barge companies will install one or two cables and a computer app at the Water Institute to collect data in exchange for a much broader view gained through the project.

“Our plan is to sign up for as many tugboats and barges as possible in the shallows forecast. The greater the coverage of some of the rivers, the better we will be,” he says. I did.

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$1.6M from US for project using vessels to gather river data – New Orleans CityBusiness Source link $1.6M from US for project using vessels to gather river data – New Orleans CityBusiness

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