1.9 million square feet planned for string of Blue Lagoon towers – Miami, Florida

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Written by John Charles Robins November 3, 2021


A major mixed-use residential project planned near Miami International Airport is a series of 12-story buildings with a retail store on the ground floor, parking at the pedestal level, and residential units above it. It is included. The city’s Urban Development Review Board has recommended approval.

Owner-developer PAJ Investment Group LLC has 735 NW 57th Ave in Miami City Center. It will be built at 5627NW Seventh St. Fill and will be brought to the submerged continent of two plots of the Blue Lagoon for the project.

The overall development floor area will be 1,908,500 square feet.

The Miami City Center includes 1,333 residential units, 41,438 square feet of commercial retail use, parking for up to 2,589 vehicles, and 108 bike racks.

The site is north of Northwest Seventh Street, just east of Northwest 57th Street, and south of the airport.

In his statement of intent, lawyer Elinet Luis Diaz de la Portilla wrote: All are in the property, along with off-street parking in some 12-storey buildings.

“One of the key features of the project is that Miami 21 requires 172,704 (square feet) of open space, with vast green spaces, sophisticated buildings, and spectacular corridors with vast views of the Blue Lagoon. It’s possible. Overall, it’s a better product for the surrounding neighborhood and community, “she writes.

The applicant is requesting an exemption that includes:

■ Reduce the width of the access corridor by 10% and suggest 22 feet if you need 23 feet.

■ Replace commercial cargo handling berths with residential berths. We propose two residential berths that require one commercial berth.

■ Exemption from shared access. Parking provides safe and convenient access to public roads, including travel lanes and public frontages.

■ Exemption from access from major frontages. We propose to consider the driveway as a major frontage that requires exempt access from the main frontage.

PAJ’s leading lawyer, Miguel Diaz de la Portilla, told the board that the two parcels would be about 9 acres.

“One of the distinguishing features is the open space, which is about 4.5 times the space required,” said Diaz de la Portilla.

Carp presented some of the details, pointed out that people would be able to get in and out of the site, created a town square, and clearly portrayed public right of way.

“This is an opportunity to create a unique destination that opens the waterfront. People can walk (along the water), kayak, have a positive experience, or have a pedestrian-friendly experience. “I will,” said Karp.

“People will be involved with the waterfront,” he said.

Mr Carp said the parking lot is underground. It is more cost-effective to go below grade because of the height restrictions and the proximity to the airport, he said.

Board member Robert Behar said: Public access points are great. I admire you and your clients. I think this project is great. “

Fidel Perez, director, said: This project has many great features. “

“The work is going well … you did an extraordinary job in dismantling the masses, and open spaces will encourage the pedestrian experience,” said Deputy Chairman Ignacio Permuy.

1.9 million square feet planned for string of Blue Lagoon towers Source link 1.9 million square feet planned for string of Blue Lagoon towers

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