1 hospitalized with critical injuries after apartment fire – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon 2021-12-03 08:16:41 –

Portland, Oregon (KOIN) – The Mental Health Alliance helped host an online discussion on a possible police bodywear camera program at the Portland Police Department on Thursday. Researchers at the panel said the study showed that the use of bodywear cameras resulted in a reduction in citizen complaints in other cities where the cameras were used. They said it was important to let people know that the camera was spinning, and Portland seems to be on track to do that with the proposed program.

As Portland continues to elucidate what the body camera program will look like, at City Hall, CNA Corporation’s Dr. Dan Lawrence said from citizens in cities such as Milwaukee and New York that already have body camera programs. He said complaints are decreasing.

According to Lawrence, in the cities surveyed, the reduction in civil complaints was more than 20%.

“At Milwaukee, public complaints about officers who had bodywear cameras were reduced by 29%. New York just published an investigation last week or so and found that complaints were reduced by 21%. Is found in many people, as are other states. “

Researchers believe that the reduction in complaints is due to what is called the “civilization effect” for both executives and the people they interact with, Lawrence said.

1 hospitalized with critical injuries after apartment fire Source link 1 hospitalized with critical injuries after apartment fire

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