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10 Experts to Increase Instagram Followers: Summer Experiments

Why anyoneI want Will Instagram followers increase? A friend sighed two years ago in the summer. “Trouble me with the emoji in the comments.” With 8,000 fans, she unplannedly shoots her feet with her cell phone down. In just that, I got 300 likes. I was attracting only 950 followers. No one was blindly interested in the pictures of my limbs. This seemed to be a problem. As an editor of the lifestyle section of the newspaper, as Instagram was increasingly defining lifestyle trends, it was my professional duty to conquer the platform and get enough followers to suffer at least a little. I thought there was. Besides, I was feeling the competition.

Master the science of growth my account It’s my summer project. To prepare, I’ve watched dozens of very fast-paced YouTube videos where platform pros give an overview of “knacks” and “secrets.” Below are 10 strategies I have considered or tested that have increased followers by 20% in 3 months.

1. Strictly define the niche.

Pros also loudly agreed: To really increase your fan base, choose one theme to ensure that your followers with similar interests are satisfied with your posts. dog. Old houses hanging down. Dessert that is particular about it. “We need to provide one consistent value proposition,” said Ben Levitt, a leader in social media in Guelph, Ontario. 53 YouTube Video We delve into such principles in hopeful Instagrammers. However, I couldn’t. I resisted shrinking myself to one dimension and didn’t have time to create a stable stream of tired tartlets. So I stuck to a topic that Vancouver-based Instagram expert Vanessa Lau sadly calls “panopuri.”What all my posts have in common is that after perusing my feed recently, “It’s a really fascinating caption. Sell it in your Instagram profile biography.” It’s like an embarrassing “niche.” It seems, but Mr. Lau 70 weird videos about Instagram success, One is 5.8 million views.

2. Convert to a professional account.

This was done right away. (Anyone can do it for free. Switch to Edit Profile.) In “Professional” status, the hashtag-generated impressions, shares earned by each post, or followers are tracked. You can access Insights. You can determine what is working and try to do it further.I immediately liked not only 37 likes, but why my photo Forgotten 1970s supermodel It was no good. Even if her curly hair had “the strength of a shiny little orphan Annie” (as I said), it wasn’t shared. Lau diplomatically said: .. Insights says, “You can optimize your strategy based on your findings.”

3. Post at a fixed time every day.

“If you tell Instagram,’I’m working on this account,’ you’ll be rewarded,” Lau said. And potentially expose your content to non-followers who are vulnerable to your tactics. According to my insights, I was obedient and posted at 1:00 pm when my followers were most active. Taking good pictures every day killed me, given that I spent hours in a small room rather than the picturesque Fiji and photogenic circus.At one lowest point, I desperately snapped A huge iPhone projected on a huge screen in a slightly SF-like news roomA new charitable follower turned out to be vulnerable.

4. Write a long, thoughtful caption that ends with an action-prompting question.

As I was told, I vomited with all my thoughts. But if you follow my approach, Lau recommends introducing line breaks to create chunks of small, digestible text. “That way, don’t hurt people’s brains.” (Caption lengths vary personally.) When it comes to encouraging action, I urged people to share “the most unforgettable memories of pizza.” I casually asked. Any idea “The pigeon’s eyes were very unique.” It was painful to add, “Tell me in the comments,” but it worked. “If you’re in a conversation and don’t ask for anything, you won’t get anything,” Leavitt explains. And more engagement is equivalent to increasing exposure to those who want to be followers.

5. Reply to all comments.

This took forever, but as Leavitt said, “people love to feel recognized.” And it spurs more comments and brings more engagement.After posting about Bedlington Terrier named Pippin— I think it’s a rare name — dog lovers shared pet names: SheShe, Basil, Huckleberry, Texas,three Other Pippin. “Sufficient Pippins to back up Gladys Knight.” I tapped and reached out a bit. If your followers comment in emoji only, reply with a neutral prayer, Leavitt said. “You should avoid poop emoji.”

Comments This adorable Bedlington Terrier, named Bait Pippin, appeared in a post that received a lot of comments from enthusiastic people who wanted to share their dog’s name.


Dale Flaviviridae / The Wall Street Journal

6. Overcome the aversion to hashtags.

Before I realized, I added one or two long, joke-like, deliberately inappropriate hashtags to my post to tell me I wasn’t thirsty. (For sweets I threw in a ceramic class: #callingallchocolatecoveredalmonds — The hashtag currently attached to one post is mine). For example, if you add 25 strategic hashtags (up to 30), you’ll have too many (more than 2 million) or too few (less than 100,000) hashtags on Instagrammer, unless Lau said. You will have to choose.That summer, I used the hashtag generator app to truncate all the nuances of the opportunity. From #loveceramics to #ceramicslove..

7. Post a selfie.

This advice wasn’t from an expert, but from a friend who reported that his photo was the most liked. This commandment stressed me because I almost hated to see myself and looked down on excessive selfie posts.In one selfie I posed next to me Uncontrollable hydrangea bush It (strategicly) stole the spotlight and almost pushed me out of the frame. Success: 118 Likes. It’s not that fast, Lau said. Selfies can get likes, but not shares. To increase the chances of someone forwarding your post to a friend (potential follower warning), she proposes an image carousel to expand its appeal. Your garden itself; Shows the menu as a text image. Strangers want more than your face.

Face-to-face time The author was delighted and excited by the huge hydrangea bushes and set the guideline of “posting a selfie” despite the limited potential for creating a share of “selfie”. I am enthusiastically trying to protect it.


Dale Flaviviridae / The Wall Street Journal

8. Look for marginalized compatriots.

This was time consuming but easy. Search for hashtags according to the content. Choose a post like this: b) There are few likes and comments. Like a post. Carefully add a thank-you comment, suggesting that your feed offers similar splendor. Instagrammers who are ignored and grateful to others may follow you.

9. Focus on feed photos, not Instagram stories

Since then, I’ve become a bit of a story maniac, but I use multiple apps to create exciting story saga (See NYC 1953), That summer, I was still a beginner, so I didn’t hesitate to give this advice and put my energy into basic feed photos. “Story is a really great way to develop existing followers, and a very good way to prevent existing followers from doing so,” Lau said. Please unfollow. According to Leavitt, the story is a great release valve, allowing you to “share your personality” if, for example, “cat pictures only” limits your niche feed too much and you want to interact with squirrels and skunks. Become. Big caveat: Recently, Instagram’s algorithms are prioritizing Instagram Reels, a relatively new feature for people to post videos like TikTok. “Reel is to attract new followers. It’s all the rage, “she said.

10. Do not try to promote your post.

Applying these techniques every day for three months made me exhausted.I got an additional 200 followers, but they appear next to each post in my professional account[プロモーション]I didn’t have the courage (or shamelessness) to look at the buttons. Paying for Instagram to share photos more widely ($ 30 in 6 days) seemed like a cheat.This spring, shame over overcame shame and “boosted” Posted by Jodie Foster With the make-up of her movie The Mauritanian, she looks amazingly brave and old. Curiously, Instagram only made it public to the Argentine people, 40 of whom were following me. This was great and much easier than combining all my other techniques, but it seemed inevitable to quickly disappoint the Argentine fan base. A decent photographable South American thing I own is a belt that’s too small.

Simply put, I found many years ago that Instagram adjusted a setting that tended to send my Jodie posts to Buenos Aires. I fixed that and this time promoted another post targeting New Yorkers like me. It did not bring a single follow. “We definitely don’t recommend it for’promotion’unless you can start a business and cancel its costs,” Leavitt said. Lau added that boosting can quickly cause your followers to drop you and become addicted. “$ 50 goes from $ 500 to $ 1,000.” It may be cheaper to move to the picturesque Fiji.

Dale Hrabi is the editor of the Off Duty section of The Wall Street Journal.

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10 Experts to Increase Instagram Followers: Summer Experiments

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