10-foot gator found beneath car in Florida – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-04-07 09:10:54 –

Tampa, FloridaWFLA) — The crocodile mating season is approaching.

A crocodile over 10 feet long was found under a car parked in a Tampa apartment last week, officials said.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office shared a video on Tuesday of a trapper carrying monster reptiles away. No one was harmed, including the crocodile.

Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Sanctuary was called to the complex on March 31st. The caller said there was a pond nearby.

“This wasn’t a little crocodile … it was 10 feet 2 inches,” the agent said on Facebook.

It’s rare to be bitten by a crocodile, Crocodile mating season in progress, Lawmakers advise residents to be vigilant. Increased crocodile activity in the coming months can lead to more frequent break-in with humans.

According to the FWC, Florida’s more than one million crocodile courtship process begins in April. Mating then occurs in May or June, when the female nests and lays about 32-46 eggs. After 63-68 days of incubation, the eggs hatch from mid-August to early September.

If you see a crocodile, keep a safe distance and never feed it. Agents say pets should be tied to a string to keep them away from the water’s edge and only swim in designated swimming areas during the day.

10-foot gator found beneath car in Florida Source link 10-foot gator found beneath car in Florida

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