10 muddy off-road RC cars for adults


These off-road RC cars are different from those of childhood. They are made to be stronger, faster and overcome the limits of your imagination. Build the most spectacular and bumpy muddy course and watch these radio-controlled beasts chew it.

Depending on what you’re working on, you can run a high-speed all-terrain RC car or a full-fledged rock crawler. With a little research, you can even buy a variety of motors, steering servos, and suspension components to really customize your mini truck.

What are you looking for? Delve into your childhood nostalgia and get the acclaimed off-road RC car. Dirt is calling.

Top 12 RC Cars for Adults

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4WD off-road monster truck

This 4WD truck comes with a remote control and two batteries, which can take a couple of hours to fully charge. With a top speed of 30 mph, it’s not too wild and is a great offloader.

Can-Am RC Rock Racer

Imagine you and your buddy crushing gravel in this 1:18 scale Can-Am RC car. The metal gear servos are shock-responsive and the 3-link rear suspension with floating solid rear axles gives you more control.

Lancia Delta

This Lancia Delta RC kit is a customizer’s dream. You’ll get most of the components you need, including wheels, bodies, and decals. However, the transmitter, steering servo, radio control control, and battery must be purchased separately. If you want to challenge, you need a complete assembly.

Rustler 4×4 off-road RC car

This 4×4 offload daemon has a convenient clipless body that can be quickly removed and installed. The truck features a sturdy internal structure and external rollover protection for durability. Please note-batteries and chargers are not included.

Everest 4WD Rock Crawler

This rock climbing brute weighs less than 10 pounds and features a rugged axle carrier that locks the left and right wheels for maximum grip on difficult terrain. The included brushed 550 motor provides enough power to climb large rocks.

RC buggy

This is an off-road missile. At a top speed of 70 mph, armor buggies scream on flat sand and gravel. However, you will need to purchase a separate 6S Li-Po battery and optional pinion gear to reach that speed.

4×4 RC buggy

This RC buggy is a great affordable option if you have a few expensive tags. Everything you need, such as a lithium-ion battery, is included. However, the remote control requires 4 AA batteries.

Fox RC truck

This Fox Ford Raptor RC truck has an internal antenna, waterproof electronics, and enough power to reach speeds of 30 mph. The officially licensed Ford Raptor body is stunning and realistically shaped.

4×4 off-road monster truck


This RC truck comes with two Li-Po 7.4 volt 1600mAh rechargeable batteries that can run for up to 40 minutes. In addition to speeds reaching 30 mph, this midrange off-road truck strikes a balance between speed and versatility.

Volcano EPX 4WD Monster Truck

Red Cat Racing

$ 199.99

$ 169.99 (15% off)

This smooth off-road truck features waterproof electronics and an excellent 2.4 GHz radio system. The suspension is fully adjustable, and the aluminum upper plate ensures toughness. It comes with a battery and charger so you can roll it up right away.

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10 muddy off-road RC cars for adults

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