10 things you can do with your old cell phones

Every day, people walk around with the most necessary device in their pockets that has become very useful nowadays. The cell phone is easy to use and provides correct weather, searches the web, takes pictures, and provides other features also. Mobile phones are great options for people as they know that newer versions will be coming over the years.

So, this is the reason people are upgrading their old phones into a new tempting phone model. But, have you ever thought about the old phone when you get a new one? One can easily save a little money by trading the previous phone when buying the new one. Therefore, rather than collecting dust on your old cell phone, choose to reuse it.

Below are 10 cool things that you can do with your old phone; after you get the latest cell phone for yourself. Get the best idea from the ways discussed below and make your old phone usable.

If you are looking for a device to get access to your home computer from the office, then use your old phone as a screen to keep the remote system in your hands. Download the TeamViewer app to handle the programs.

It is very easy to use the application by just getting an access code and password to sign in for remote work.

The easiest way to reuse your old mobile is to sell & trade in your phone online on several websites such as eBay, Swappa, and many more. Get an estimated price for your phone and sell it to someone who will use the phone in the best ways.

Before you sell the phone, do not forget to reset it and remove the memory card if added.

Use your old Android phone to work as a smart universal remote for your office as well as home. This is a helpful way to control all the smart devices and other components without any special access.

There are several mobile games available for Android and iPhone users, and you require just a connection to download them. So, if you have your old smartphone, then use it as a gaming system that does not let you worry about storage space, and you can enjoy the game.

If your source of communication is video chat, such as attending zoom and facetime calls from your office colleagues, then using your old phone can provide you with a better interface with the best network coverage.

When you do not want smart displays to manage the time, turn your old phone into a big display alarm clock. It is easy to download an alarm clock app and place your phone on a stand to set it perfectly.

If you are fond of comics and books, then rather than purchasing an e-book reader, turn your old phone into it. Download your favorite Amazon Kindle application, and sync your books taken from the library.

Every one of us loves to collect memories and keep them safe with us for a lifetime. So, turn your old phone into a digital photo frame using a charger, and install it at your home.

Use the Google Photos app to start a slideshow of your favorite pictures with your family and friends. The application will create a cycle of your pictures and give you awesome memories.

Place your old device on your work desk and turn it into your calendar. Get Google’s calendar app to jot down your various productivity elements or use various online calendar apps for your phone, such as DigiCal Calendar Agenda, to give the best graphical interface that is perfectly suited to you.

Use your old Android phone to listen to music, podcasts, and other media using your favorite streaming services. Get a charging stand that can easily connect to the Bluetooth speaker or wireless earphones that can help you listen to music when you are home.

You can also use the old mobile as a video streamer so that you can watch movies and celebrate with your family at home.

These are the ten necessary things that you can do to reuse your old phone rather than keep it in a corner at your home. So, choose one way wisely and make use of your old mobile phone.


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