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10-year-old’s cotton candy business takes off in Cañon City – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-07-29 21:46:56 –

Canon City, Colorado – Started as an idea from Tik-Tok and is now a popular business. Kinley’s Cotton Candy Creations attracts customers around Canon City.

10-year-old Kinley McBride is the owner and founder of Kinley’s Cotton Candy Creations. She launched her business in January after buying a commercial-grade cotton candy maker for her birthday money.

“I wanted to see it and get a machine to try it out. I had a birthday party, but I think it was just starting to grow and then became a huge business. “I will,” Kinley said.

Kinley has booked over 75 events since May, starting with one birthday party. She said more events are planned in the coming months.

“I thought it was like a party for people we knew, but then it became a party we didn’t know … I didn’t expect it to be this big. “Kinley said.

Kinley sells homemade fluff on every occasion. From birthday parties to festivals and even weddings.

I’m making a sweet treat with my mother Elise McBride.

“At first, it might seem totally weird why you need a commercial-grade cotton candy maker, and if you say no to her, you’re not here today,” McBride said.

McBride said he teaches Kinley to become an important life skill and business owner.

“It taught her so many life lessons: how to manage money, how to restock and buy goods, all kinds of skills that a 10-year-old child never imagined would need to learn. I learned how to wear it to people, “says McBride.

With 16 flavors and so many works, Kinley hopes her business will take hold and create more smiles in the process.

“Look at a smile on a child’s face because it makes you smile and makes you feel like they have something to remember someday, just as there is something that makes them happy and makes them feel great. Only, “Kinley said.

For more information on Kinley’s Cotton Candy Creations, please visit her Facebook page. page..

10-year-old’s cotton candy business takes off in Cañon City Source link 10-year-old’s cotton candy business takes off in Cañon City

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