100 Black Men of Omaha holds its annual gala on Friday – Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska 2022-05-14 12:27:26 –

Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) —The community has gathered to help 100 black men on Omaha’s annual Gala Friday.

Not only can this event act as a fundraiser, but it also allows mentees to work on a positive role model.

“One of our mottos is what happens to them,” said Executive Director Marcus Bell.

The motto of the organization is true.

“Looking at CEOs, donors, and these people who have great opportunities, we can see that even kids like me come from” small towns “and areas with few opportunities. I’m showing that I can really do anything. Put my heart in addition to my situation, “said Menty Andrew Joppa.

“By matching them with other grown-up men and giving them role models, it really shows that I am someone who can see myself and that they can achieve what they have achieved someday.” Said Bell.

The organization guides young black men to help them reach their full potential.

Andrew has been a member of the organization for five years.

“It was a big deal for me to look back on my life and find a role model that I could model,” Andrew said.

Children say that seeing a room full of people who look like themselves and support them increases their self-confidence.

“I never had that person respect me. In some ways, I was closed and more introverted, but this experience allowed me to see more people who looked like me. I was able to gain confidence by doing things that I didn’t think I could get, “Andrew said.

Bell says it’s heartwarming to see the community support them. Gala also allows them to continue their mission and look to the future.

“Many of our young people have suffered socially and emotionally due to the pandemics and public anxieties of the last few years, so we really focus on mental health and how to prepare for the next step.” Said Bell.

The event was moderated by 3NewsNow Anchor SereseCole.

If you would like to join the organization, please visit the 100 Black Men Omaha website.

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100 Black Men of Omaha holds its annual gala on Friday Source link 100 Black Men of Omaha holds its annual gala on Friday

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