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Can Jayson Tatum level up (again)? Can Jaylen Brown create an All-NBA Team? Moreover.

Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum played in the first half of the pre-season NBA basketball match against the Miami Heat. Associated Press Photo / Lynne Sladky

NS Celtics Play against Knicks on Wednesday night and open the season with many promises as well as many questions.

There are 11 questions that may define a team’s season.

Where is Jayson Tatum ranked in the NBA?

It takes a big year from Jayson Tatum for the Celtics to be 5 or 6 seeds or higher.

Of course, it’s perfectly plausible. Tatum formed an almost all-NBA team last year. Had the Celtics won a few more games, he would have. ESPN ranked Tatum 14th Listed on the annual Top 100 list, some simple improvements allow you to jump statistically into another stratosphere among NBA players. Celtics coach Ime Udoka has hinted that Tatam will play more in the post. This adds another element to the bag of aggressive tricks.

Tatum’s biggest problem is consistency. Over the last two years, he has put together a series of extreme advantages that suggest the potential of MVPs. Can he be so good for more than a few weeks?

Can Jaylen Brown be an All-NBA Player?

Brown formed an all-star team last season, averaging just under 25 points per game, fully establishing himself as the Celtics’ second-best player (sometimes becoming their best player).

Can it continue when the Celtics pick up the ball more often? If so, the Celtics have a lot of optimistic reasons, especially given their reported off-season plans.

Can Al Horford regain compatibility with Jaze?

The Celtics, where Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum were the main scorers when Al Horford last played on the Celtics team Paved the way to the Eastern Conference Finals And I participated in the game to defeat LeBron James.

Horford’s role of Gluguy is perfect alongside two young stars. He is willing to facilitate the attack and set aside to make both shine.

Horford is three years deeper in his thirties than it was running, but the early signs of the season are promising. He had essentially a half-year sabbatical from Oklahoma City, and he looked sharp, resting in pre-season action before a positive COVID test removed him from duty. If he’s good, the Celtics’ potential spikes.

Is Marcus Smart a full-time point guard?

Smart Fixed for the role of starting point guard In the past, and when he was given the opportunity to become a primary distributor, he made many promises last year.

Playing smartly with a point guard offers many opportunities for the Celtics. Especially if Ime Udoka is completely committed to a defensive system that switches everything. The Celtics have some offensive question marks (I’ll explain this), but if the defense leads to an attack, Smart as a leadball handler can work well.

Is Ime Udoka in the spotlight of the team?

There is no doubt that Udoka knows how to coach. He has long been regarded as one of the best assistant talents in the NBA coaching staff. There is no doubt that the Celtics have firepower.

So how do the two parties in his new roster, assembled by Udoka and Brad Steveness, engage? I don’t know yet, but both sides are talented enough.

How healthy is the central rotation?

Horford and Rob Williams are one of the best 1-2 punches in the NBA, whether they’re starting or staggered in the starting lineup. But Horford — again — was a little older, and Williams struggled to stay on the floor due to injury issues throughout his career. The Celtics are in good shape if they remain healthy. If not, the center rotation is a question mark.

How much punch does Dennis Schröder add?

For some reason, the Celtics have been able to add an average of 17.4 points per game over the last five seasons due to taxpayer mid-level exceptions. Schroeder will play with new contracts throughout the season, which was great for the pre-season Celtics. For teams desperately in need of depth last year, Schroeder’s ability to break defenses and score with paint will be an oasis in the desert.

How useful is the actual off-season for Aaron Nesmith and Romeo Langford?

Langford and NESMITH have just entered the first full off-season of their young career, and their performance in the pre-season suggests that some degree of normality may be all they need. bottom. NESMITH already has more balls on the floor than the draft evaluators expected to come out of Vanderbilt. Langford showed a series of eyebrow-raising finishes around the paint and rim. His rebuilt jumper seems to work, especially considering how much space he could find in the corners, alongside Tatam and Brown.

Many were made with the Celtics’ improved depth, but it would be even better for NESMITH and Langford to build on pre-season performance.

How good is Payton Pritchard?

Pritchard is a basketball addict who runs complex ball-handling drills, shoots from 30 feet and begins making midrange pull-ups in the Summer League and preseason.

So how good is Pritchard? Can he be a starter by the end of the year? If Schroeder plays a contract that the Celtics can’t afford, is he a successor to Schroeder? Is he a valuable trade chip as part of a larger deal? The value of Pritchard is fascinating this season.

How good is the Eastern Conference?

We know that Bucks can win the championship. I think it’s possible to use the internet, Kyrie Irving The vaccine story threatens to add an unnecessarily dramatic element to a team that would otherwise be considered a pre-season favorite.

After these two, all teams will have a question mark.Can the Sixers Understand Their Own Unnecessary Drama Resolve Ben Simmons Situation?? Is 35-year-old Kyle Lowry enough to regain the heat for a team that was unlikely to run in the bubble? Is the Hawks real, and how do the new official rules affect Trae Young’s ability to foul? Was Julius Randle a longtime Knicks all-NBA player or was it in the bottle last year? Wasps are incredibly cool, are they good?

All of these questions are very important to the Celtics. The Celtics feel they can land anywhere from the third seed to the play-in game.

Does the Celtics have enough attacks?

This is generally the largest set of questions for the Celtics. On paper, the Celtics have the potential to be aggressive in both the starting lineup and the second unit. But what happens at night when Tatam is off? What if Brown misses time? Is there enough shooting to open the floor?

The initial indicator is yes, especially if the Celtics can defend. When the Celtics gathered the roster this summer, a lot was made from the plans for the next offseason, but this year’s team is deep and interesting and looks better on paper than last year. increase.

The Celtics and Knicks depart at Madison Square Garden at 7:30 pm.

11 questions for the Celtics before the start of the 2020-21 season Source link 11 questions for the Celtics before the start of the 2020-21 season

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