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11-year-old entrepreneur in Colorado Springs begins small business by making jewelry – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Colorado Springs — Young entrepreneurs in the Colorado Springs community have transformed their jewelery hobby into a small business. Recent health checks haven’t hindered her business growth either.

Her name is Mattison Leva and she is 11 years old. She started making jewelery in January, when she spent more free time at home for distance learning. Since then she has become a business woman and her jewelery is now sold in local stores.

Her business is called Made by Matti and she makes earrings and necklaces at least several times a week. Jewelery is nickel-free and allergen-friendly.

Matti has sold about 250 pieces of jewelery so far. Much of her sales come from 10 local craft trade fairs she has been to.

“Usually when people come to buy all my earrings and necklaces and sometimes talk to them often, and that’s the way I meet a lot of people,” Matty said. “Meeting new people is my favorite part.”

She also met Jeremy Nosbush while attending the Craft Fair. He is Monument’s MatchBox Candle Co. Is a co-owner of.

“She really came up with it and taught me how to make all my jewelery and how to bend all those wires and choose all my designs,” said Matty’s three jewelery now on display. Nosbush doing said. “I just thought it was really cool that she was the young entrepreneur making these items.”

Nosbush says he has a Colorado-only collection in the store that features hiking-related jewelery and other animal and floral jewelery.

“I think it was really cool that she actually made her own jewelery and used all those components to make the final product,” says Nosbush.

Her business growth continued her, but even more inspiration came from her recent diagnosis of type 1 diabetes.

“Usually whenever I’m doing this (making jewelry). Usually when I’m having a lot of fun, I sometimes forget about it,” Matty said.

Her diagnosis also influenced her new collection called “It’s Cool to Be Kind”. This collection is an opportunity to defend others with this illness, but it reminds people that they can do whatever they can think of.

“It’s a reminder that people are kind to themselves and others. I hope they always remember it when they wear these necklaces,” Matty said. ..

Novush also invited Matty to teach a workshop on how to make jewelry. It was another girl’s birthday party of the same age.

Matti jewelery prices range from $ 7 to $ 14. She also sells jewelery at The Festivi Tea Company and Revolution Dance Academy, the dance studios she dances to.

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11-year-old entrepreneur in Colorado Springs begins small business by making jewelry Source link 11-year-old entrepreneur in Colorado Springs begins small business by making jewelry

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