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Lakeland, FloridaWFLA) –NS The only survivor of the holiday weekend massacre Officials told investigators in northern Lakeland, Florida, that they survived the attack by playing dead after being shot by gunmen many times.

The 11-year-old girl is taken to Tampa General Hospital, where she is expected to stabilize and survive.

“She spoke to some of her relatives who taught her how she survived. She said,” I played dead, and I prayed, “said Sheriff Grady Judd. ..

Brian James Riley, 33, has been accused of shooting and killing a family of four before firing at a corresponding lawmaker, according to the Sheriff’s Office in Pork County.

No lawmaker was seriously damaged in the incident, officials said. Riley surrendered after being injured.

“He went there on a mission to kill all those wonderful people, and he killed all but one,” Judd said.

Riley is not detained with four counts of one murder. During his first appearance on Monday, he said he would hire a lawyer, but a public defender was appointed to represent him until he did so.

According to Judd and court records, Riley stopped the truck and confronted one of the victims while mowing the lawn on Saturday night, about nine hours before the attack. Riley, who lives 30 miles away from Brandon, told the victims that God had sent him to prevent suicide by someone named Amber.

The victim told Riley that no one by that name lived there and asked him to leave. They called 911, but Riley was gone when the authorities arrived.

“He didn’t threaten violence. He never said I was going to come back and shoot and do that with this,” Judd said. “He later confessed and told us,” He really offended me, so I went home and made an opps plan, and you know what that means. If you want to create an opps plan, you have to kill everyone. “

Riley returned around 4:30 am on Sunday and placed a glow stick to make way for the house, where Judd said he might have been trying to pull in a police officer “in an ambush.”

When he heard the local adjutant popping out, he sounded an alarm and took state and local law enforcement officers to the scene. When they arrived, they found Riley and his truck burning, apparently unarmed outside, dressed in camouflage.

An adjutant searched the area, but Riley was not found. Judd said there was nothing more he could do given the situation.

Riley rushed home and authorities heard more shootings and “women’s screams and baby whispers,” Judd said.

The policeman tried to enter the house, but the front door was covered with a barricade. Judd said he went back and saw Riley, who appeared to be wearing full-body armor.

Riley and the officer had shot dozens, if not hundreds, of them before Riley returned home, Judd said.

According to sheriffs, everything was silent until the helicopter unit noticed Riley coming out. He was shot once and ready to surrender.

Police heard a cry for help internally, but were uncertain if there were additional shooters and feared that the house would be booby trapped. Still, a police officer hurriedly grabbed the injured girl and told authorities that there were three dead.

The sheriff’s office said the boy was dead in his mother’s arms and all of them were flocking in horror. Even my dog ​​was shot dead.

“You will never see a mother holding a deceased baby,” Judd said. “That’s the greatest horror.”

Judd identified Judge Gleason, 40, as one of the victims. Citing state privacy law, Judd identified the other victims only as a 33-year-old woman, her little son, and a boy’s 62-year-old grandmother.

According to Facebook posts and public records, Gleason was associated with Teresa Lanham, who gave birth to a boy, Jody, in May. Ranham’s mother, Catherine Delgado, owned and lived in the property.

Gleason also had an 11-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

Officials told investigators Riley’s girlfriend that he was never violent, but became more and more unstable. She said she had stockpiled supplies for the victims of Hurricane Ida, including a $ 1,000 worth of cigars, and claimed to have a divine mission.

According to officials, Riley’s vehicle was also stockpiled with hemostatic kits and other shootout equipment.

He worked as a private security guard and had no criminal record, the sheriff said.

Officers imprisoned Riley in a white jumpsuit late Sunday. When asked why the reporter killed his family, he appeared depressed, bowed his head, and barely opened his eyes.

“This man was a hero of war. He fought for his country,” Judd said, adding that he is now a cold-blooded murderer.

Riley told the detective that he had shot people because “God said to him.” He called himself a “sick man” and said he wanted to go to jail.

According to Judd, Riley was a member of the US Marine Corps and was discharged after being deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sheriffs said Riley’s girlfriend told investigators that he was suffering from PTSD and recently claimed that he could speak directly to God.

“My prayer is that such an event will never happen anywhere in the world,” Judd said.

Riley is in jail without being detained.

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