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Tulsa, Oklahoma — Many of us shop online for vacations, so we expect our packages to be delivered.

So if you receive an email with information about your order, don’t think twice before clicking the link.

However, as discovered by 2 News Oklahoma Problems Solvers, that link can be a gateway to your personal information and password.

As online sales increase, especially during holidays, scammers have more opportunities to send phishing emails and texts.

You can pass your password to access your personal account with just one click.

During this time, our inbox is full of holiday sales and promotions.

Ask Elizabeth of Owasso.

She said, “I’m hoping that my grandson’s Christmas gifts will be delivered several times. I thought I was notified of one of them. But the day after I opened the link, about 150 from my bank account. I noticed that the dollar had been withdrawn. All the money I had at the time was all. “

According to the Better Business Bureau, Elizabeth is just one of many fraudulent targets dealing with fake delivery notifications.

“Your item may be late and alerting. We tend to want to see this information as it is in the process of causing hope.”

The logo is genuine, but the email is fake. The sender instinctively wants you to click the link.

“Clicking the link takes you to a fake website that asks for your personal identification, otherwise it could release malware to your mobile phone or computer.”

According to experts, text message scams are on the rise as online sales surge. Again, they provide just enough to make you believe that it’s from a real carrier as a way to get you involved.

“The malware is designed to capture personal information such as passwords via keystrokes.”

An easy way to avoid temptation is to keep the folder in your inbox just for ordering and tracking information.

“If you go over there and receive a delivery notification that your order is late, or if you confirm something, you actually order what is delivered from that particular delivery processing entity and that’s the truth. Make sure that you have a tracking number. That’s important. “

Other giveaways include grammatical errors and misspelling.

If you receive any of these emails, you can forward them to the USPS, Amazon, or UPS for investigation.

Don’t sacrifice by clicking on it.

A lesson learned by Elizabeth, she is grateful to those scammers for not losing more money.

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