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12-year-old beats cancer, gives back through Make-A-Wish – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-10-17 00:12:59 –

Lee’s Summit, Missouri — As an athlete, 12-year-old Uale Su’a knows how to tackle everything that comes.

“I like playing sports. I play soccer, wrestling and rugby. I like training in this gym. Yes, I’m in the first grade of middle school,” Uale said. Told.

But one day, Whale’s family dragged his left foot and realized that it had turned into something they didn’t expect most.

“So I had a cancer called Ewing’s sarcoma and was diagnosed last August. I had 9 months of chemotherapy and a couple of months of radiation. I thought I would die. I was scared for the rest of my life because it was there. “

The news shocked not only 12-year-old Wale, but also his mother, who was afraid of her son’s future.

“When I learned that Whale had cancer, I was surprised to shock my family because neither I nor my husband’s family had a history of cancer,” Whale said. Said her mother, Numia Valasua.

As a woman of faith, Numia continued to have prayer and hope even when traveling with her son became difficult.

“They still wanted Wale to amputate his left leg under his knee, so he had already scheduled it on November 23, two days away from Thanksgiving. I still remember that day.” Numia said. It was probably the hardest thing to do, but it didn’t seem like Wale would lose his leg. “

Numia says he found power in his son, who didn’t stop Gunn from doing what he liked best. While in and out of the hospital, Uale also goes in and out of Kri Chay’s Urban Hiit Fiit Fitness Training Center, working to restore strength and mental strength.

Chay told KSHB41 News that he had been working with Uale for many years and was shocked by the news of Uale’s diagnosis. He raised money through donations and a collection of T-shirts to support invoices and medical expenses.

But that wasn’t the only support. Chai has created a new training plan for star athletes to survive one of the toughest battles.

“I” Whale, you got this. You got this, just like running, like lifting weights, like running, like jumping. And he will be like “I don’t know, I don’t know”. I got this like any other, “Chai said.

Throughout his journey, Whale thanked Chai and the community for his support, so after being contacted by Make a Wish in Missouri and Kansas, he knew exactly what he wanted to achieve.

“So it was a unique wish to give back. He wanted to clean, refurbish and buy new equipment from Jim that was very helpful in fighting his cancer,” said Marketing and Communications. Director Brian Miller said. Make A Wish Missouri & Kansas.

Uale, now 13 years old, says that not only did his wish come true, but his prayer was answered. He is pleased that he was able to give Chai and his gym a new start as he gave him.

“Giving back made me happy. I felt that giving back was happier than helping myself and buying something for me. It made me feel better,” Uale said. rice field.

12-year-old beats cancer, gives back through Make-A-Wish Source link 12-year-old beats cancer, gives back through Make-A-Wish

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