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Johnstown, Colorado–In any case, Annabelle Rusco was able to teach most of us one or two things about philanthropy and about dreaming big.

“We want to bring the total to $ 30,000 this year. Hopefully that’s not a big leap,” Annabel said.

She started 3 years ago Annabel’s annual children’s hospital standWith the help of her sister, they made and sold bracelets, sugar scrubs and ruffle baskets for the children of the Colorado Children’s Hospital.

Kelly Harcher, Senior Manager of Annual Donations at Colorado Children’s Hospital, said: “She has a strong passion for helping children who are fighting illness, cancer and mental health.”

If anyone can sympathize with you, it’s Johnstown, 12 years old. Annabel is born with a rare and painful hereditary disorder that causes bone tumors in the body. So far, she has had nine surgeries to remove them.

“In 2018, I had to undergo three surgeries and be hospitalized because of my hip surgery. During that time, I saw many children in the hospital who had worsened their condition, even though it was only two days. Yes, that was the beginning of everything, “said Annabel.

In the first year of starting a business, Annabel raised $ 1,800. Lawrence Knee in the neighborhood was so impressed that his company, Larch Industry, decided to go with it.

“It’s like a holy cow. If she’s so selfless, this is the bare minimum we can do,” Knee said.

At the time, Knee didn’t expect her little son to be admitted to the Colorado Children’s Hospital with a terrible seizure.

“Around November, a year and a half ago, I found out that he was in a condition called ESES … sorry,” Knee said in tears.

Knee went on to say that without a children’s doctor, she might not have been able to find a cure. So Annabel’s efforts are to take care of children she has never met. And such a gift.

“I think half will go to neurology this year,” Knee said. “This has great implications for our family.”

To date, Annabelle has raised over $ 18,000. We are aiming to double that this year.

“Honestly, it doesn’t seem real. When I started this, I didn’t expect it to be this big. It’s really cool,” Annabel said.

Annabel’s fourth annual stand is Saturday, June 12th in Johnstown. To donate online, please visit her website.

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12-year-old hero raises thousands of dollars for Colorado kids in the hospital Source link 12-year-old hero raises thousands of dollars for Colorado kids in the hospital

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