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Tokyo (AP) —Portuguese health officials said Monday that they had identified 13 cases of Omicron, a new coronavirus variant that is believed to be more contagious, among team members of professional football clubs.

The Ricardo Jorge National Institute of Health said on Monday that one of the people who tested positive at the Lisbon-based Belenenses football club recently traveled to South Africa, where a variant of Omicron was first identified.

But others weren’t traveling to South Africa. This indicates that this may be one of the first cases of local transmission of the virus outside South Africa.

According to the institute, people who come into contact with positive cases are ordered to be quarantined regardless of vaccination status or potential infection, and COVID-19 testing is routine. Will be done.

As cases of new coronavirus variants have been identified around the world, Japan has suspended all foreign visitors on Monday, tightening borders as fears of further spread of pandemic suffering spread. Announced to participate in many countries.

Japan, which has not yet detected cases of recently identified Omicron variants, has re-imposed relaxed border controls earlier this month for short-term business visitors, international students and workers.

However, despite global concerns, scientists have warned that it is still unclear whether Omicron is more dangerous than other versions of the virus that have killed more than 5 million people. Some countries continue their previous plans to ease restrictions, with signs of resumption in Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said of the measures from Tuesday, “We are taking measures as an emergency preventive measure to prevent the worst in Japan.” Japan has closed its borders to foreign tourists from all countries.

Fumio Kishida urged people to wear masks and continue to pursue other basic anti-virus measures until details of the new Omicron variant were revealed.

Kishida, who lost his job because his predecessor was disappointed with the virus handling, did not just choose a proactive approach until details on what Omicron could do were revealed.

Israel has decided to ban foreigners from entering the country, and Morocco said it will suspend all arriving flights for two weeks starting Monday. Scientists in several places, from Hong Kong to Europe and North America, have confirmed its existence.

On Monday, the Scottish Government announced the discovery of six new cases of the omicron variant of the coronavirus, bringing the UK to a total of nine. It called on public health authorities to carry out enhanced contact tracing in all cases. Over the weekend, British health officials discovered three cases of this variant.

Another person who reported a new case over the weekend was the Netherlands, where there were 13 confirmed cases and Canada found two cases.

In Malaysia, however, officials Proceeded with partial reopening of the bridge Connect it to the city-state of Singapore’s island.And New Zealand Announced to continue plans to resume Internally after a few months of shutdown, limiting travel from African countries.

The World Health Organization has sought to keep the border open, as this variant has already been detected in many countries, and closing the border often has limited effect.

This variant was identified by South African researchers a few days ago, but it is still unclear whether it is highly contagious, likely to cause serious illness, or whether vaccine protection can be circumvented.

Australian Northern Territory Health Authority Announced that the state has confirmed The first case of Omicron on Monday, a South African man who flew to Darwin last Thursday. Australia’s Health Minister Greg Hunt said the Prime Minister has convened a National Security Commission to consider possible actions against Omicron.

In New South Wales, Prime Minister Dominic Perrott said Monday that a third Omicron incident could occur in his state. Health officials there announced on Sunday that two travelers returning from South Africa tested positive. They were asymptomatic and were completely vaccinated. Currently, arrivals from nine African countries must be quarantined at the hotel upon arrival.

New Zealand has restricted travel from nine countries in southern Africa in response to the threat of Omicron, but Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said he did not expect any further restrictions.

According to Ardan, Omicron has not changed New Zealand’s plans to relax regulations in Auckland and move the country to a new, more open stage of pandemic response. Auckland’s bars, restaurants and gyms will be reopening at the end of Thursday, ending the coronavirus blockade that began in August.

“We have experienced COVID in the best possible way over the last two years,” Ardan said, pointing out low mortality, high economic growth and high vaccination rates.

Malaysians working in Singapore had a fun reunion with their loved ones after returning to their homeland after the border, which had been closed for nearly two years due to a pandemic, was partially reopened.

The bus ferryed fully vaccinated passengers across the Causeway Bridge connecting Singapore Island and Peninsular Malaysia. Strict measures included COVID-19 testing before departure and on arrival.

The Malaysian Minister of Health tweeted that a case of COVID-19 was detected during screening, but did not provide details. Causeway was one of the busiest borders in the world before the pandemic. Air travel has also been reopened with less restrictions, allowing anyone who is fully vaccinated to travel between the two countries without quarantine.

Taiwan, which already has strict border immigration control, said it has no plans to further strengthen its COVID-19 border policy to protect it from Omicron variants.

In Taiwan, a two-week quarantine is required upon arrival. In addition, visa issuance is restricted and is not currently permitted for foreigners except for those who have a residence permit or have special circumstances.

Health Minister Chen Shih-chung said authorities have reserved rooms in government facilities for travelers from countries where cases of Omicron have been reported. The Central Epidemic Command Center has listed six countries as high risk: South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini and Zimbabwe.

Taiwan is preparing for a surge in visitors ahead of the Chinese New Year, allowing returnees to complete a two-week quarantine at home. However, those who arrive must adhere to the entire 14-day quarantine schedule and be fined for violating the quarantine.

North Korea claims that it has no anti-virus measures and is taking the strictest anti-virus measures in the world, but said it is doing everything in its power to prevent the invasion of Omicron. Many have questioned the claim that it is coronavirus-free. Since the beginning of the pandemic, North Korea has closed the border and expelled diplomats.

Meanwhile, Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, said there are no data yet to suggest that the new variant causes more serious illness than the previous COVID-19 variant.

“If you look at how quickly it spreads to multiple districts of South Africa, I think it’s more contagious. Therefore, it’s especially likely that it will spread from one person to another …. What I don’t know is whether it can compete with Delta, “Collins said in a CNN show.

Collins responded to several experts that everyone should double their efforts to use the tools that the world already has, such as vaccination, booster shots, and masking.

The United States has banned travel from South Africa and seven other South African countries since Monday. “It will give us a period to strengthen our preparations,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci, the best infectious disease expert in the United States, about ABC’s “this week” ban.

According to a White House statement, Fauci said it would take another two weeks to get clearer information about Omicron’s transmissibility, severity, and other characteristics.

The South African government responded angry to the travel ban, which stated that it was “similar to punishing South Africa for its ability to perform advanced genomic sequencing and detect new mutants more quickly.”

David Hui, a respiratory medicine expert and government adviser on a pandemic in Hong Kong, said the two who tested positive for the Omicron variant were vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine and had a sore throat. He said he had very mild symptoms.

“The vaccine should work, but it will be somewhat less effective,” he said.


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