1360-Peace Lego Technique Batmobile looks ahead of the 2022 movie “Batman”

  • Newly released Batmobile The Lego Technic set is a retro-looking car based on the vehicle featured in the 2022 movie. Batman..
  • The set contains 1360 parts and includes two light bricks, a movable piston, a rotating flame exhaust, front steering, rear differential, door and hood opening and closing.
  • This set is pre-orderable and will ship from November 1st for $ 99.99.

    Lego Released New Batmobile A set of techniques based on a personal vehicle that the Crusaders with Caps will drive in the next movie Batman Starring Robert Pattinson. The movie was scheduled to be released this year, but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but this Lego set is a good exit for fans waiting for the final release.

    Of course, Batman and his Batmobile are legendary superheroes, and iconic cars are present in every iteration of Batman. Every Batmobile has the ability to make it unique and stand out from previous versions. Think of this Lego version as a teaser, as this new and perhaps improved version hasn’t been seen yet.It shows some similarities Chevrolet Camaro Also Dodge Challenger From the late 1960s to the early 1970s.

    LEGO Technic THE BATMAN – BATMOBILE 42127 Model Building Kit (1,360 pieces)

    The set comes with 1360 pieces, so it’s not quick and easy to create. The kit contains two light bricks. The yellow lights illuminate the grille and the red lights illuminate the transparent rear engine. The set also includes front wheel steering, rear differential, hood and two doors that open and close. In addition, behind the car is a rotating flame that mimics a flashback from film exhaust.

    LEGO DC Batman 1989 Batmobile 76139 Building Kit (3,306)

    Older, more elaborate Batmobile lego set Released in 2019 based on the 1989 Batmobile. The set contained 3306 pieces and took a long time to create. The new Batmobile set has almost 2000 parts less, but it still takes a lot of time to build. The previous version was priced at $ 249.99, but this version is only $ 99.99. This is a bargain in Lego terms for such a large set.

    The new set can be pre-ordered and will begin shipping on November 1st.

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1360-Peace Lego Technique Batmobile looks ahead of the 2022 movie “Batman”

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