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Washington DC-President Donald Trump’s administration last federal when Dustin John Higgs, convicted of kidnapping and killing three women in 1996, was executed by lethal injection early Saturday. He executed the death penalty.

Higgs was the 13th and last convict on death row since the US Department of Justice resumed executions in July 2019, according to CNN reports.

Poole reported that the Higgs remained innocent until his death, and when he said the last word, his voice tone was mild but rebellious.

“I want to say I’m an innocent man. I didn’t order the murder,” he said, citing the names of the three women.

Executions took place in the execution room of the Federal Prison of the United States Prison in Terre Haute, Indiana.

The victim of the Higgs is Tamika Black, 19 years old. Tanji Jackson, 21; and Michelin, 23.

According to CNN, Higgs executions have advanced despite his lawyer Sean Nolan urging him to slow down his diagnosis of Covid-19. Nolan also claimed that Higgs was unfairly sentenced because the actual shooter was sentenced to life imprisonment.

In January 1996, Higgs drove to Washington, DC with two friends to pick up Black, Jackson, and Chin, who invited him to his apartment in Laurel, Maryland, according to a statement from the Justice Department.

In the apartment, Jackson refused to move forward by the Higgs, and the women left. The Higgs suggested that the women return to DC, but instead drove to a remote location in the Pataxent National Wildlife Sanctuary.

He ordered the women to get out of the car, gave one of his friends a gun, and said, “Make sure they are dead.” CNN said in a statement from the Justice Department that another man shot Black and Jackson on his chest and back, shot Chin behind his head, and killed all three women.

In late 2000, a Maryland jury admitted that the Higgs had been found guilty of numerous federal crimes. This included three planned murders, three felony murders, and three death sentences due to kidnapping, and unanimously nine death sentences were recommended. The court imposed, the statement said.

According to Wikipedia, multiple controversies surrounded the Higgs case.

First, he was sentenced to death, even though he did not shoot or kill the three women himself. The proceedings against him were mainly based on the testimony of Gloria and Haynes, who reportedly closed the deal and changed the story many times. The fact that the murder took place on federal land made things even more complicated. The Higgs was tried by the federal government, not by the state of Maryland. If the murder went further, the woman would not have been killed in Pataxent Research Refuge, and the Higgs would have been tried by the state of Maryland rather than the federal government. Had he been tried by the State of Maryland under state law, he would not have been sentenced to death. The state of Maryland also abolished the death penalty in 2013, and all remaining convict on death row resented life imprisonment without parole.

In July 2019, then US Attorney General William Barr resumed federal executions after a 17-year hiatus to “bring justice to the victims of the most horrific crimes.”

The federal government has approved the execution of 13 convict on death row prisoners in about six months, according to CNN reports.

Meanwhile, President-elect Joe Biden has promised to abolish the federal death penalty and provide the state with an incentive to suspend the death penalty as part of a criminal justice program.

Biden’s campaign has spoken positively against the death penalty, citing the number of unfairly convicted prisoners given these sentences. (ANI / Big News Network)

(Submit a photo of the Death Room of the Federal Prison System in Terre Haute, West Vigo County, near the Indiana-Illinois border, 77 miles west of Indianapolis. Credit: Chuck Robinson | Related Press) ..

13th and final execution ordered by Trump administration carried out Source link 13th and final execution ordered by Trump administration carried out

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