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Hope for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists currently navigating 15Th That’s right, but more patience is needed to achieve the full benefits.

The project is even more transparent on Tuesday as Stantech Engineering announces a final redesign plan for the 1.6-mile section between US 17 Business / Carolina Avenue and Brown Street, one of the state’s most dangerous roads. I took a step.

The process, after the previous city council voted against the controversial state Department of Transport plan four years ago, decided in November to pay Stantech $ 75,000.

COVID-19 forced several public input sessions online, but those who chose to attend had a lot of input. In addition, well over 1,500 citizens responded to polls and made suggestions for 15 people.Th Street interactive map.

Business owners and residents along the corridor weigh as well, and the result should be, anyway, a safer, more pedestrian-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing route so far.

Stantech and city officials hope to submit a report to the city council by the next meeting in July. Once approved, they will be sent to Raleigh’s DOT as the final funded project.

A roundabout proposed at the eastern end of 15Th Streets crossing Brown and 12Th South of Vidant Beaufort Hospital, a lot of talk came up during the presentation on Tuesday.

If approved, it will certainly be another driving experience, but drivers will soon catch up and are confident that traffic will flow more freely in the area.

The same is true for the Stantech people, who have enough dates to prove their claims. In fact, project engineer Mike Rutkowski suggested that the city needs to create a few more roundabouts along the root portion of its financial plan to enable future growth.

We were cautiously optimistic after the design workshop ended in April.

Plans to stay within the existing 60-foot traffic will mean little or no loss of assets, reducing project costs by almost half and reducing the road to two lanes, a central and left turn lane. Enables sidewalks and bike paths.

It’s different, and it’s definitely going to take some getting used to, but Stantech has a proven track record of successful similar projects in the state.

It will be interesting to see our city council discuss this project. Everyone knows that something needs to be done.

It will be announced.

15th Street redesign project ends first phase with transparency – Washington Daily News Source link 15th Street redesign project ends first phase with transparency – Washington Daily News

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