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Lagrange, Georgia (CBS46) — 16-year-old teen detained after police said police could be involved in a series of sophisticated robbery and car thefts targeting at least 15 victims It has been. A police spokesperson said in a press release that a criminal case had occurred between May 11 and June 12.

In May 2021, the detective began investigating various robbery and car thefts in the city, according to Lagrange police.

According to police, the first incident took place at 85 South Auto on Hogansville Road, as did the quality muffler on Hogansville Road.

“These robbers were unique in that they were able to force them into the business by removing or disabling the power meter box,” a police statement said.

The suspect reportedly brought cash and a car key to the car when he entered the company. Then I used the key to steal some vehicles from the property.

On May 31, police removed the power meter from the Ride and Steady Carlot on New Franklin Road. After removing the power meter, the suspect entered the store and “had a lot of (cash), guns, and more keys used to steal a few cars from the car compartment.” The police said.

On June 7, the suspect again removed the power meter from Northside Motors on New Franklin Road. At that location, the suspect took a lot of cash, a car key, and a car.

Then, on June 7, police said the suspect had removed the wattmeter from the hometown steam on Harwell Avenue. After removing the power meter, the suspect entered the business and allegedly stole firearms and electronics.

On the same day, police tried to remove the power meter from the Lagrange car wash on Vernon Street. However, the suspect was unsuccessful during this attempted theft.

A few days later, on June 10, police said the suspect had removed the power meter from the Trailers Pawn Shop on Greenville Street. However, the suspect was unable to enter the building, police said.

On June 12, the suspect removed the power meter from Williams Automotive on Hogansville Road. Police said fraudsters forced them into the building and stole two vehicles from the business.

Also, on June 12, police responded to West Point Road’s FMJ Armory after someone removed the power meter and tried to force it into the business. During this attempted theft, the suspect was unsuccessful.

Then, on June 12, Troup County lawmakers also responded to the Wicked Wrench and Abeen Motors on West Point Road. In addition, on the same day, an agent arrived at Anglin Automotive on Lucken Industrial Drive. “Similar to the city of Lagrange, power meters were removed, forced immigration was carried out, and robbery took place in each of these locations,” a sheriff spokesman said.

Over the course of two days, police responded to three phone calls reporting vehicle theft from individuals.

The woman reportedly called police on June 12, stating that a 2007 jeep was stolen from 200 blocks on East York Town Drive during the party. The man then told a 9-1-1 dispatcher that the 2013 Nissan Sentra had been stolen from 800 blocks on Daniel Street, and the following day, June 13, the woman told police that the 2012 Honda Accord was a Force 700. He said he was stolen from the block. Avenue.

“After the car theft on 701 Force Avenue, the suspect was immediately found with the help of the victim and detained there. According to a Lagrange police spokesman, he was arrested when he was arrested. I had the keys to another stolen car that was previously recovered. “

“As a result of this arrest and subsequent investigation, the boy was charged with 11 car thefts and 11 robbers. The identity of the additional suspect was also confirmed and an additional fee was charged within a few days. “We plan to do so,” said the police.

A police spokesperson said all but one vehicle was found and returned to its owner.

At the time of the boy’s arrest, the Troup County Juvenile Court was contacted for the age of the suspect. Police said the boy was later released until a juvenile court hearing was held.

The Criminal Investigation Division of the Lagrange Police Station and the Investigation Division of the Troop County Sheriff’s Office have cooperated in these cases over the past few weeks.

If you have information about these cases, we recommend that you contact:

Detective S. Spivey (706-883-2625) or Sergeant Cavender (706-883-2630).

16-year-old arrested in connection to a series of sophisticated burglaries | News Source link 16-year-old arrested in connection to a series of sophisticated burglaries | News

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