19-year-old homicide suspect arrested in connection with death of 78-year-old Riverside woman during home invasion – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-01-14 17:11:49 –

Police announced on Thursday that a 19-year-old man had been charged with several felony charges associated with a deadly burglary on the riverside, and a 78-year-old woman had died.

Six days after investigating the burglary on January 6, Palm Springs-based Sixt Jesus Garcia Pena was identified by a detective and detained for the death of Riverside-based Dennis Irene Wong, according to Riverside police.

Detectives determined that Pena was arrested on Friday and put in Imperial County Jail for an attempted car theft. According to police, he was subsequently transferred to the Southwest Detention Center in Riverside County and booked for prosecution or murder, burglary and robbery.

Sixto Jesus Garcia Pena can be seen in the dateless booking photo released by the Riverside Police on January 14, 2021.

The fatal burglary was at around 7:15 pm on January 6, E. Reported to Riverside Police at a house 200 blocks on Manfield Street.

“A family member outside the town called the Public Security Communications Center to find out about older relatives who lived alone and couldn’t answer,” Riverside Police officer Ryan Reynoldsback said in a statement. “A staff member arrived and found a broken window while checking the back of the house.”

The cop who responded noticed that some items seemed to be “matching the robbery” out of place, so they decided to go inside. Wong was found dead at his home near a university in the city and was determined to be the victim of an “apparent murder.”

No additional details were announced on how Wong died.

Detectives believe that Wong, a 50-year-old resident of Riverside, was killed during a burglary a few hours before police arrived. Riverside police reported that her car was stolen by Pena and later involved in a hit-and-run accident at Indio the same day she was killed.

Wong’s car was confiscated while the suspect fled the crash, and the detective was able to gather evidence and quickly tap Pena as a criminal suspect.

Detectives and members of the county’s gang influence team worked together for several days following Reed, looking for Pena in the Coachella Valley area. Three days after Wong was killed, investigators learned that he had recently been arrested for an attempted car theft and tied him to a deadly burglary on the riverside.

“This was a timid act against one of the more vulnerable community members that should never happen,” said Larry Gonzalez, chief of the Riverside Police Department. “But now our focus is on supporting the next prosecution and pursuing justice with the victim’s family.”

In a family statement released by Riverside police, Wong was described by the family as a “good and kind person” who loved his loving mother, grandmother, sisters, friends, and her community.

The statement on behalf of the victim’s family is as follows:

“We are shocked and grieved by her death, but we always remember her warmth, generosity, and smile,” the family statement read. “We truly know that she lived a life full of love, faith, and dedication to her family.”

Pena is currently in custody without bail.

Investigation is ongoing.

If you have additional information about the suspect or the case, please contact Det. Dave Riedeman (951-353-7104 or driedeman@riversideca.gov). Anonymous tales can send an email to rpdtips@riversideca.gov to see report number 210000507.

19-year-old homicide suspect arrested in connection with death of 78-year-old Riverside woman during home invasion Source link 19-year-old homicide suspect arrested in connection with death of 78-year-old Riverside woman during home invasion

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