1957 Buick Special Riviera Sedan

in the meantime Me seek many of 1950s Detroit car of Rapid inventory turnover Self-service demolition yard During my trip, they tend to be ordinary post sedans built by millions of people during their heyday Three on the tree manual transmission When Symbol of car radio nuclear attack..The more popular convertibles, coupes and 4-door hardtops are hard to find in such yards, so today 1957 Buick Special Riviera of Northeastern Colorado Garden A list Junkyard gem..

In the late 1950s, specials ranked at the bottom Buick’s prestige hierarchy Just below More upscale supermarket When century..Of course, this was the era Alfred Sloan’s “Ladder of Success” And the lowest special went up the rank further Best Oldsmobile 98 With Swank-O-Meter.If you are Jones driving Buick and your neighbor had proletarian Chevrolet, Ambitious Pontiac, Also Petit Bourgeois Oldsmobile, They Couldn’t catch up With you … but you will see New Cadillac I’m jealous of the winning rivals.Ladder of success Collapsed later, when Top trim level chevrolet caprice Started competing with them Cadillac curry My brother, he was still tall in 1957.

NS Riviera The name was to be used for Unique model Started in 1963 and continued Almost in this century, But in 1957, it was a trim level designation, century Or a special sedan with a radical pillarless hardtop design at the time.

This car is listed for $ 2,780 and costs $ 27,630 for $ 2021.That price included 364 cubic inches (6.0 liters) Buick Nail Head V8 EngineRated 250 horsepower, enough torque to remove the 1957 Rock Hard Bias Ply tires from the rim.

Special is Three on the tree A column shift manual is standard equipment, but the first purchaser of this car got an additional $ 220 ($ 2,185 today). Dynaflow transmission..The shift indicator looks similar to the one above GM Equipped vehicle 2-speed power glide, Dynaflow Strange beast Used only in BuickThere was a 2nd gear, but the driver had to manually select the low gear. Otherwise, the complex torque converter rig provided a CVT-like experience today (although it improves smoothness and wastes much more power). In this case, the car is always in high gear and uses a torque converter to multiply as needed.This car seriously Thirsty, probably delivering single digit numbers Fuel economy Most of the time.

This Motorola AM Radio Show CONELRAD frequencies of 640 and 1240kHzSo that special drivers can listen to the news Hydrogen bomb-Full load Tu-16 badger Get closer and take appropriate action.

This car has been sitting outside for years in the harsh climate of High Plains, Colorado, but I Seen worse in young cars..Nicely shaped ’57 Special Riviera Can be sold in 5 digitsHowever, restoring a car in this state costs much more than that.

There is rust, but nothing is a thousand miles east. Still, even making this operational as a rat mobile was a difficult and costly task compared to, for example, “”.57 Chevrolet Also Ford..

At least someone grabbed this car Powerful bumpers and impressive grille It is intended for use in the project and I am confident that some of the internal bits will also be rescued. It’s not a happy ending, but it’s not completely tough.

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1957 Buick Special Riviera Sedan

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