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1957 Ford with “Flower Wagon” power

Landscape designer Sheridan Khan, who lives in Ventura County, California, in 1957.


A ranch wagon told by AJ Beime.

My husband, Dan Khan, loves cars for the rest of his life. When he went on his first date, he picked me up on this truck and had the door handles removed to smooth the body of the truck. So on my first date I didn’t even know how to get in the car. He works in the car industry from Monday to Friday, and on weekends “Why don’t you go to a car show? Would you like to drive?” He took some cars home over the years. I did. Some I found cool, others didn’t. But I was never enthusiastic about any of them.

In February, Dan took the 1957 Ford Ranch Wagon home. He showed me the picture, but I didn’t know if he actually bought it. The moment I saw it, I fell in love. Paint happened to be my favorite color. Ford was cheerful and bright and immediately attracted me. I decided to claim it as my own. I think Dan was surprised, but he is still surprised. I just took it.

Photo: Who needs a minivan if I get this?

Sheridan Khan unveils the 1957 Ford Ranch Wagon on the California coastline.

Sheridan Khan and her husband Dunkhan, the 1957 Ford Ranch Wagon and their children: Caitlin (7 years old), Kennedy (10 years old), Hunter (6 years old).

Emily Barr of The Wall Street Journal

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He bought a Ford from a Georgian man and was restored with the latest air conditioning, the latest power steering, the latest brakes, upgraded suspension and the latest V-8 engine. Therefore, driving is very easy and safe. Dan fastened his seat belts to the back seats for his children. At the back was a vintage picnic basket that came with the car. I put some flowers in it and started calling Ford a flower wagon.

My daily driver is a minivan. It’s easy and convenient for kids, but nothing special. It’s practical and applies to many new cars we see today. When I took out the flower wagon, everyone was smiling and waving. It’s nostalgia and cheerfulness on the wheels. Take the children to the beach in it. They are not accustomed to not being able to see much in the car, but people can. So the children will be brightened from all the positive energies.

There is a completely different part to this story. I’ve always been interested in landscape design and spent all my leisure time gardening during the new coronavirus infection. Thanks to the flower wagon, I was finally able to start a business. It’s called “Flower Wagon Design” and it’s on track right now.

The overall aesthetics of the wagon, including its color, shape, movement and inspiration, are in a nutshell attractive. Every time I take it out, it’s just a fun time.

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1957 Ford with “Flower Wagon” power

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