1997 V6 medium-sized American sedan

This is the fourth sedan series in 2007 and 1997. Covered V6 Japanese sedans from 2 units Wrong Decades, the same as American-Brand entry from 2007. Today I will return to the 1997 medium-sized V6 sedan class. Big Three is a medium-sized sedan that beckons you with medium-sized build quality, equipment, and cost performance. A segment designed only by GM to participate in 2020. let’s go.

Note: Intrepid falls into the full size category, but today we count these three as medium sized. Dodge Stratus is too small to play here.

Dodge Intrepid

In 1997, perhaps the most stylish car in the trio, the first Dodge Intrepid ended its run. The following year, it was replaced by a larger second generation, which appeared to be even poorer than the first generation. Intrepid was developed during his tenure and by 1996 had standard ABS and an autostick shift it your self function for 4-speed automatic transmissions. Today’s cars are well-equipped ES trims with a larger 3.5-liter V6 engine suitable for 214 horsepower. You will pay about $ 22,910.

Ford Taurus

The third-generation Taurus became a second-year model in 1997 as its design changed from an aero-three box to an oval, customers were less excited, and Ford was paying more and more attention to mass market family cars. I started to pay. The first two years of the model saw a different trim lineup than the last two years, with G, GL, LX, and SHO as the first group. The base model was equipped with a 3.0-liter Vulcan V6, but the LX stepped up to a 3.0 Duratec mill, producing 200 horses instead of 145. Today’s LX sends these horses on a 4-speed AX4N automatic. You are $ 21,610.

Pontiac Grand Prix

The popular, covered Grand Prix is ​​a new addition to the 6th generation of the 1997 model. Active in styling and Pontiac’s wide-track stance, the Grand Prix was a go-to for many family sedan buyers at the time. At the Grand Prix, only two trims were available: a base SE disguised as a sedan, or a coupe or sedan-style GT. The GT sedan (today’s pick) uses a Buick 3800 V6 suitable for 195 horsepower. The question is about $ 20,319.

Three sedans around $ 20,000 worth buying in 1997?

[Images: Chrysler, Ford, GM]

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1997 V6 medium-sized American sedan

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