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With lots of hits, lots of established superstar status, and thousands of fans screaming to see your performance, what you have to do as a performer to get over the crowd at the festival Is not so much. 2 Chainz knew it well at the Friday night Summerfest and delivered a lot of music on the US Cellular Connections stage, giving fans a lot of energy.

As one of the hottest names in the Friday night lineup, the crowd filled the entire Connections stage area on the premises and squeezed into the traffic of the adjoining Johnson Controls World Sound Stage and the festival’s main foot. Even before the night headliner goes on stage, many of the spectators are ready for the party, and while the DJ on tour is performing a set of short songs to bring energy around the stage, Bree I passed through the outside of the char with a milling machine. About five minutes later, 2 Chainz appeared in the sound of a bomb falling and didn’t waste time running a set that felt like a summary of his biggest hits.

Later in his approximately one-hour set, 2 Chainz confessed to the Summerfest crowd that “I got a lot of shit.” To be fair, he is not wrong. Almost everything that Atlanta rappers have put out has piled up millions of streams. No song was completed on Friday, but it wasn’t really a plan. The setlist includes two early Drake-backed tracks, “No Lie” and “All Me,” two chains singing guest poems. Bleachers acted as a Canadian rapper, cueing all the bars back to stage. In fact, that was the case most of the night, with 2 Chainz pointing his mic at his mouth to divide the time and aiming at the crowd almost evenly. But when he wanted, he proved that he could vomit poetry with the sharpest deliveries. His mic was so high mixed that the delivery was clearly heard by the crowd. Unfortunately, it also revealed the time when he wasn’t using the microphone.

But the brightest part of the Friday night set was when 2 Chainz was able to stick to his performance at his peak.Certain songs can cheer up the energy from the rapper, such as: Cute girl like trap music We cut “Good Drank” and “4AM” and made the audience enthusiastic. He also used his former alias Tity Boi from the group Playaz Circle in his first hit, “Duffle Bag Boy.” It was delivered with more heart than many of the sets. When talking to the crowd, he was particularly friendly and began to mention his love for Atlanta’s strip clubs before a group of backup dancers assisted him for “I Luv Dem Strippers.” He also informed the crowd at his show that he liked to keep things mellow. “Drink, smoke weeds, good night,” he responded roaringly to the crowd. The show ended with a “Birthday Song” backed by Kanye West. There, 2 Chainz asked the crowd to put a flashlight on the phone to those celebrating their birthday that night. Apparently, the crowd was all born on Friday, and all the attendees attended the opportunity.

Doubt has several advantages. Earlier that day, in his Instagram story, which looked like from his home, the rapper revealed that Friday was the 10th anniversary of his father’s death. It’s not a precursor to having to entertain thousands of people late at night. It also meant that his set was a one-off performance, which was corroborated by the lack of stage design of any kind. Friday night, DJs, performers, and a vibrant crowd who were able to carry two chains beyond the contractually mandated time threshold emerged, overwhelming US Cellular Connections Stage patrons at the end of the night. I left positively. It may not have been a noticeable performance, but it wasn’t a performance that frustrated people.

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July 2, 2022

2:21 pm

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