2 dead, several hurt, at least 2 children missing – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-07-19 09:36:35 –

Tucson, Arizona (AP) — Sunday afternoon series of attacks Arizona Five people have been shot dead and a few children are missing, including at least one dead, according to Tucson police. The suspected attack was seriously injured by a police officer.

Tucson police chief Chris Magnus told the press that a 35-year-old man had been accused of firing on an ambulance crew at around 3:45 pm on Sunday. An ambulance driver, a 20-year-old man, was shot in the head, and a passenger-seat paramedic, a 21-year-old woman, was shot in the chest and arms. Men were in crisis and women were stable.

The suspect was then accused of driving to the scene of a fire in a nearby house and shooting firefighters and neighbors to extinguish the flames, the chief said. One of his neighbors was shot in the head and died. A firefighter was shot in the arm and another bullet grabbed another neighbor’s head.

According to Magnus, a “badly burned” body was found in a house that was on fire, leaving “a few” children missing. Authorities worked to determine the location of the children.

Police officers who responded to the scene encountered the suspect a few blocks away, the chief said. Police said the suspect thrust his SUV into a policeman’s car and fired it. Police officers turned the fire back, shot dead the suspect, and seriously injured him, the chief said. The officer was not injured.

“This is a very tragic, truly horrifying event, and there are many unknowns,” Magnus said.

The investigation was underway. It was unknown what caused the attack.

2 dead, several hurt, at least 2 children missing Source link 2 dead, several hurt, at least 2 children missing

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