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Fresno, California 2021-07-20 13:59:08 –

Houston, Texas-For two years, someone else’s heart is beating in La Sher Bartay’s chest. It’s a gift she never takes for granted-a message she wanted her donor’s family to know.

Bartay recently had the opportunity to thank her donor, Brandon Duckett’s family. In 2019, when he was involved in a car accident in Nacogdoches, Texas, his family’s life was overturned and he died shortly thereafter.

At the time of Dackett’s death, Bertie was a breast cancer patient undergoing double mastectomy. After the surgery, she suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and doctors discovered a previously undetected congenital heart disease. Due to lack of circulation during CPR, Bertie had to amputate both legs.Dackett’s heart was a miracle for her-thanks to the gift that saved her life LifeGift And St. Luke Hospital.

“If Brandon was here, of course I would like to hug him and tell him how grateful he is to be here and share his life with family and friends,” Bertie said. “I know where he is now, he makes it so beautiful, and one day I will be there too.”

Click on the video above to see an incredible story about how two families are connected in one heartbeat.

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