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Boston, Massachusetts 2020-10-23 14:45:18 –

Three months after a teenager was shot in a car in Stoughton, Massachusetts, two more were arrested for deadly shootings, prosecutors said Friday.

The arrest took place after the grand jury filed several indictments, and more is expected with the 17-year-old Christian Vines shooting.

According to the Norfolk Provincial Prosecutor’s Office, he was found deadly injured in a car in a Storton apartment building on the afternoon of July 21. Another 17-year-old Jalen Wallace was charged with murder by a Norfolk county grand jury on Thursday. In a statement on Friday.

According to prosecutors, two adults, Storton’s 22-year-old Tyleke Curry and Brockton’s 19-year-old Alyssa Joyette, were charged with murder accessories on Thursday. Curry and Joyet were detained by local and state police at Storton’s home on Friday.

The two will meet with a judge at the Norfolk Superior Court on Friday afternoon. It is unknown if they have a lawyer.

Wallace was arrested on August 14, and had previously been acquitted of murder in the Storton District Court. The grand jury indictment transferred his proceeding to a higher court. The prosecutor has not yet set a time for him to be arraigned again.

After he was shot, Vines’ mother Annette said she was a few days away from her son graduating from high school and playing basketball.

“I love my son,” the mother said. “He was supposed to graduate from Avon High School on August 8. I can’t believe he’s gone.”

Police are investigating a deadly shooting of a 17-year-old boy in Storton.

Witnesses told police that the two had escaped from the scene on foot, police said. Residents guided police officers to the car where the victim was found.

According to police, the two who saw the witnesses fleeing the scene are believed to have left the area.

The prosecution said on Friday that it hopes more indictments will be taken over from the grand jury.

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