$2 million lottery winner found dead in Michigan river – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-06-10 18:30:30 –

Midland, Michigan (NEXSTAR) – Michigan A man who won a $ 2 million jackpot in 2010 and caused anger and law changes by continuing to receive government support was found floating in a local river over the weekend.

According to police, the body found on the Tita Bawashi River was identified as 69-year-old Leroy N. Fick. Saginaw and Bay City News..

Fick who appeared with his son at the TLC show “The lottery changed my life” After paying taxes, I brought home a lump sum of nearly $ 1 million.

A man in Auburn, Michigan, blew away his prize by destroying an old house, building a new one in the same place, and buying Camaro and fireworks, the newspaper reported. About two years after I brought the jackpot home, most of my money was gone.

Another lottery winner, Fick and Amanda Clayton, caught the public’s attention as they continued to receive government support after winning the jackpot. Clayton won a $ 1 million prize the year after Fick.

When asked if he felt guilty about doing so during 2011 interview, Fick replied, “No, I don’t, I obey the rules, and if they need to change their rules, they can change the rules.”

Legislators changed the rules, eventually closing a loophole that allowed Fick to continue using the Michigan food stamp version of the bridge card after winning $ 2 million in prize money. The Michigan Lottery needs to identify winners in the Human Services category so that DHS can reassess its support eligibility.

Clayton was 24 when he won “Make Me Rich!”.It was a big hit Found dead In 2012 there was a clear drug overdose at my friend’s home in Michigan.

$2 million lottery winner found dead in Michigan river Source link $2 million lottery winner found dead in Michigan river

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