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Nashville, Tennessee (WTVF) — Two NewsChannel 5 viewers and business owners in central Tennessee have spent more than a decade and more than $ 40,000 helping people who watched on television.

Over the years, the couple emphasized helping as many people as possible through our story and among the people they meet in central Tennessee.

They said it wasn’t about them. They chose to be anonymous for this story.

“Probably May [2010] The flood, it was the first time the news channel started, people were stuck in the building, no one took them there, and they said they needed a boat. ” Said one of them.

One of the hardest hit areas at the time was the Pennington Bend area. They jumped on a boat and began to rescue people.

“We pulled by me [estimates]About 220 people from Pennington Bend, “they said.

The business owner said he had signed an agreement with a man upstairs.

“We said we would take over if we succeeded,” said one of them. “We live according to it every day. If you have the ability to give it, do it because there are many people in need of help.”

In 2015, they made a large donation in honor of Mickey Martin. He was a soccer player who died in an accident.

Over the years, the couple donated to the myriad GoFundMe pages featured on NewsChannel 5.

Then, in 2020, they helped the tornado in central Tennessee.

“Our crew helped clean up the debris and trees at random,” they said.

The following year was Kentucky.

A few days later, Gallatin’s family needed help around Christmas.

“We went there to see her about a week later, and I think we gave her $ 3000,” they said.

Then there was a Rutherford County School Resources Officer who helped my grandmother and students when they lived outside the car.

The duo aggregated the amount donated for the story.

Over the last 12 years, they have spent $ 46,250 to help those who have seen them hurt in the news.

They have no plans to stop and now want others to join.

“Look at something in the news and if you don’t have the money, you can take the time to volunteer if you don’t have the money. You can get in touch. I know people are in contact. That’s enough, “they said. ..

2 NC5 viewers give thousands to causes over years Source link 2 NC5 viewers give thousands to causes over years

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