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Boston, Massachusetts 2020-11-20 09:43:05 –

On Friday, two adjacent New England states will be added to Massachusetts’ high-risk travel list.

Currently, only Hawaii, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine are considered low risk.

Secretary of Health and Welfare Marylou Sudders said earlier this week that two “adjacent states” will be added to the list of high-risk states this week. The list is usually updated on Fridays.

Last week, New York, Washington, and Washington DC were removed from the list of low-risk states. This means that anyone arriving from New York and Washington to the state must remain isolated, not just the capital of the country.

Three weeks ago, Connecticut and New Jersey were removed from the list of low-risk states in Massachusetts for a trip a few days after doing the same in Massachusetts. And two weeks ago, California was also removed.

An average of less than 10 cases per 100,000 people per day is required to be included in the list of low-risk states for travel in Massachusetts.

Dr. Mark Seedner of the Infectious Diseases Department at Massachusetts General Hospital warns that traveling during a pandemic is at risk of becoming infected with the coronavirus during this holiday season.

Travelers from states that are not on the low-risk list must complete a Massachusetts travel form and quarantine for 14 days, following state guidelines. This includes people who came from one of the low-risk states but stayed in the high-risk state “beyond the temporary period of the last 14 days.”

There are several exemptions, including those who go to high-risk states just to go to work or school. Learn more about full orders, including exemptions.

2 New States to Be Added to High-Risk List – NECN Source link 2 New States to Be Added to High-Risk List – NECN

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