2 people from Wisconsin dead after lightning struck near the White House – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2022-08-05 10:03:09 –

Two Wisconsin people have died after being struck by lightning in a park adjacent to the White House in Washington, DC. His other two are in critical condition.

James Mueller, 76, and Donna Mueller, 75, of Janesville, Wisconsin, were pronounced dead Friday morning, according to Washington, DC police.

First responders received word of an injured person lying in Lafayette Park at 6:52 pm. DC Fire and his EMS official, Vitomaggiolo, said there was no other damage from the lightning strike.

A strong storm hit Washington Thursday night, and Magiolo believes four victims were standing near a tree and they had been hit.

The odds of being struck by lightning in any given year are less than one in a million.

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