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The horses “Fancy” and “Goldy” are currently planning to refeed for a healthy weight.

According to the report, two severely underweight horses will be adopted after surrendering. Massachusetts Association for the Prevention of Atrocities on Wednesday.

The horse (a 22-year-old female named “Fancy” and an 18-year-old Hufflinger man named “Goldy”) surrendered on November 8. The two horses used to live in central Massachusetts, but are now MSPCA Nevin’s Farm At Meshuen.

According to MSPCA, both of these horses are severely underweight and are particularly vulnerable during the winter months.according to Tweet From MSCPA NSenneke horse body scale, Fancy and Goldie won “1” and “2”.

“In total, these horses weigh about 200-300 pounds and would definitely have had a hard time in the coming months if they hadn’t surrendered,” said Mike, director of the adoption center and program. Cary says.

Both horses are currently in a “refeeding plan” and we hope this will bring them to a healthy weight within the next few months.

Horses can be adopted MSPCA website..

2 underweight horses looking for new home Source link 2 underweight horses looking for new home

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