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Florence, South Carolina 2021-05-07 09:17:16 –

LAURENS COUNTY SC (WSPA) – South Carolina Law Enforcement Department arrested and charged two women after a long-term care resident was tied to a toilet for eight hours.

According to SLED, Clinton’s Mariquita Antionetta McGowan, 35, and Crosshill’s Jasmine Larian Tomica Carter, 25, were charged with vulnerable adult negligence at the Witten Regional Center in November 2020. It was.

According to the arrest warrant, McGowan tied the victim to the bathroom with a cloth like a restraint belt at 10:40 pm on November 23, 2020. The victim was still tied to the bathroom at 6:21 the next morning. The victim’s treatment plan did not allow the device to be used. McGowan never returned to check the inhabitants.

Carter entered the victim’s toilet at 2:30 am, turned on the lights, and a few minutes later, the victim left the toilet tied to the toilet. According to the arrest warrant, Carter returned at 6:21 am and took the victim out of the bathroom.

The arrest warrant said Carter was well aware that the victim was tied to the bathroom during the shift and was unable to remove the victim.

The investigation was conducted at the request of the Whitten Center. The facility is operated by the State Department of Disability and Special Needs. A DDSN spokesperson said both McGowan and Carter were “separated from employment” in December after an administrative review.

Defenders of the disabled in South Carolina said they believed that large care facilities such as the Whitten Center should be a relic of the post.

“First of all, it’s really frustrating to hear that people are in these large facilities that aren’t yet personalized to their needs, dreams, desires and desires, but the staff there are enough. Not trained in, “said Jeri Davison. Chief Program Officer of Able South Carolina, a non-profit organization. “They aren’t paid very well.”

According to the State Department’s Department of Persons with Disabilities and Special Needs, the Witten Center’s base salary is $ 13 per hour, making spokespersons more difficult to hire and retain workers.

The Witten Center was fined $ 5,700 for violations such as failure to implement facility policies and to ensure that residents were protected from physical restraint and abuse, according to a January DHEC report. Was imposed.

“Other states have closed their institutions,” Davison said. “South Carolina is lagging behind and we need to do better.”

A DDSN spokesperson said the Whitten Center is well staffed and continues to meet the needs of the individual caring person.

McGowan and Carter face up to five years in prison.

McGowan and Carter were booked at the Lawrence County Detention Center.

2 women charged with neglect in South Carolina after victim strapped to toilet for 8 hours Source link 2 women charged with neglect in South Carolina after victim strapped to toilet for 8 hours

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