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President Donald Trump’s name will appear on coronavirus financial assistance checks sent to citizens across the country. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images)

Washington (NEXSTAR) — Presidential election Joe Biden will announce a coronavirus bailout plan on Thursday. This includes the largest direct payment ever. Most Americans are $ 2,000.

The current price tag for the package is unknown, but includes extended unemployment benefits, assistance to local and state governments, assistance to small businesses, vaccine distribution and school funding, and a third round of stimulus checks. Is expected.

A $ 2,000 check may sound good, but many are wondering if they are eligible. The simple answer right now is that we don’t know. That information may be readily available on Thursday — and, of course, it may change over the course of the discussion.

The plan passed in the House of Representatives may provide a framework for eligibility after President Trump demanded a large payment instead of a $ 600 check because the thresholds for the first two payments are different.

Underneath the house was a structure of phasing out. However, due to the large amount of checks, those who earn up to $ 115,000 a year will still receive payment.

Mark Goldwin, Senior Policy Officer of the Responsible Federal Budget Committee, tweeted a breakdown of the $ 2,000 payment and how it works under the House of Representatives’ proposal. Couples with children are eligible to receive the most money — up to $ 14,000 for couples under $ 150,00 with five children.

Previously passed house plans also allowed adult dependents, such as college students, to qualify for a $ 2,000 check.

Of course, just because it was a Democratic House proposal does not mean that it will be Biden’s plan. But it provides the basis for what we may see.

Analysts say Biden’s vote on stimulus should give us insight into whether Republicans will work with a majority of Democrats or collectively draw a line in the sand.

West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin has shown that he disagrees with the exit of large checks. Last week, he told The Washington Post that he was “absolutely not” about the idea of ​​direct payments with high financial figures that were not specifically targeted.

A few days later, he seemed to soften his tone while appearing on CNN.

“It’s not a yes or no question,” Manchin told Jake Tapper on Sunday. “How will the money we are investing in help us get back to work and do our best to hire people? And sending another check is already a check. I can’t say I’m going to do it to someone who has it. “

Last week, Biden told Georgia voters that if the Democrats won these races, a $ 2,000 stimulus check would go to most Americans.

When that happened, Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer emphasized that the money was on the way.

“One of the first things I want to do when our new senator is seated is to deliver a $ 2,000 check to an American family,” Schumer, the majority leader, said Wednesday. I did.

Previously, Republican-controlled Senate and majority leader Mitch McConnell was the biggest hurdle to getting more direct payments through.

So when can this $ 2,000 payment be realized? Probably early February at the earliest. Results in Georgia must first be certified before a new senator can be seated. Republicans are expected to appeal these results. According to Yahoo News, the deadline for certifying results is January 22nd.

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