2003-2006 Subaru Baja | Used Car Spotlight

There is a resurgence of interesting new car-based pickup trucks that are about to hit the market in case you don’t notice.The· Ford Maverick And Hyundai Santa Cruz Set to participate Honda Ridgeline It provides a unique take for a softer and easier-to-use track system.But history is actually full of car-like pickups, from the oldest Ford With Ranchero Chevrolet Elcamino that is not very memorable Dodge Rampage.Of course there are others, but this article will focus on Subaru Baja..

Baja Subaru Following the classic Bratt, this is the second entry into the American truck market (this is worth another article).Brat had a trace sheet attached to the truck bed, but Baja had a much more sophisticated design and most of its mechanical bits. Legacy And Outback..

Oh, and Baja is very … unique appearance.

Why Subaru Baja?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, there is a legitimate market for pickup trucks like small cars. Baja wasn’t the most successful take with this method, as it sold about 30,000 units during the 2003-2006 production period, but it was one of the weirdest.Basically comfortable Subaru Legacy A sedan, except that a small truck bed is grafted behind. In addition, there is a small pass-through from the bed to the cabin and a bed extender that allows the owner to carry objects up to 7.5 feet long. It’s really convenient.

In addition, being based on the Outback means that it has standard all-wheel drive and is surprisingly capable in moderate off-road settings. It also means that it’s a seat for four adult passengers and it’s wide interior, and that it rides comfortably even on poor road surfaces. Baja’s ground clearance of up to 8.4 inches is ideal for rusty dirt road types that often lead to great opportunities for camping, hiking and fishing.

Two engines were provided during Baja’s production process. The standard 4-cylinder provided 165 horsepower and was delivered to all four wheels via either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic transmission. An option with a turbocharger was added in 2004, and the vehicle height was raised in the same year. The turbo provides 210 horsepower and 235 lb-ft of torque. Most Bajas were sold with automatic transmissions, but some turbocharged manuals came out of the factory.

Baja scored pretty well with the owner. JD Power survey respondents named it the most attractive compact pickup in 2003 and 2004. Consumer report In 2006 it gave Baja the highest rating for the predicted reliability of all pickup trucks.

Which Subaru Baja should I choose?

It’s generally a good idea to look for a turbocharged model, but the base 2.5-liter Boxer-4 isn’t a perfect dog when combined with a manual transmission.If you can find Baja turbo With a very rare manual transmission, we would suggest you consider it strongly.The engine is basically detuned WRX STI With a power plant, and proper clutch pedals and all-wheel drive, it’s a great performer.

Unfortunately, Subaru did not sell much Manabahas due to its shortened production run. So it can be quite difficult to find a clean, short mileage example. You may need to cast a wider net than you normally think to find the perfect Baja in your price range.

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What else do you consider?

Baja is unique.There weren’t many car-based pickup trucks during Subaru’s production, but if that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll find many vintage options, including a long-standing segment definition. Chevrolet El Camino. More realistically Honda Ridgeline It provides an experience similar to Baja, but with improved functionality and much less quirks.

2003-2006 Subaru Baja | Used Car Spotlight

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