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2003 Baton Rouge rape case has closing arguments, but hurricane could delay deliberations | Courts – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-09-14 20:30:00 –

A jury heard closing arguments at a Baton Rouge man’s trial accused of raping a 15-year-old girl in 2003 on Tuesday, but due to the aftereffects of Hurricane Nicholas, the panel was destined for his fate until Wednesday or Thursday. Do not start deliberations.

About an hour after Judge Tiffany Foxworth Roberts of the 19th Jurisdiction told the jury to return to the downtown court for final instructions in the case of Cedric Hills, the court Wilson Fields, the Supreme Court judge, announced that the building will be closed on Wednesday in a storm.

Both sides were waiting for Foxworth-Roberts to make a final decision on Tuesday night as to when the jury should return to court. She didn’t do that at dawn.

The wrench thrown into the case by Nicholas is not new to the case, which has had an interesting share of progress over the years.

Hills, now 46, was formally charged in 2014 after DNA linked him to suspicion of sexual assault, and was associated with forced rape by a jury in the East Baton Rouge parish in 2018 and another sexual assault. I was convicted of the crime. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

But last year, the U.S. Supreme Court used a New Orleans case to outlaw a jury split verdict, abandoning Hills’ convictions and verdicts, and allowing him a new trial, a trial that began last week. rice field.

The convicted Baton Rouge rape criminal was granted a new trial for the first time in a few years because the jury’s verdict was …

Hills had previously been awarded a new judge by former judge Tordi White after a black female jury claimed that a white male jury made racist remarks about the black Hills. rice field. These allegations later turned out to be unreliable, overturning the judge’s decision.

An extraordinary judge who later ruled Hills frowned when he told Hills that he would pay the victim $ 150,000 and would consider shortening his 12-year imprisonment if she accepted. The victim later said outside the courtroom that he was not interested in receiving money from Hills.

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Retired Judge Bruce Bennett is only trying to empower victims to “control their financial destiny and receive compensation for this accused and life-changing behavior” in later court filings. I explained. Bennett emphasized that she and her were the only choices, noting that the choices were neither in the form of bribes by the defendants nor blackmail by the victims.

A 33-year-old woman testified on Monday that Hills had raped her at the age of 15 in 2003 after returning home from a church service on Sunday.

The woman testified on Monday that a Baton Rouge man raped her in 2003, 15 years old, after riding her for the first time in three years …

Advocates will not identify victims of rape or other sex crimes without their consent.

Hills chief lawyer Robert Tucker Sr. called the DNA evidence “Wal-Mart science” on Tuesday and told the jury that women’s testimony was unreliable.

“We hope the truth wins,” he said after the courtroom.

Prosecutor Sonya Cardia-Porter insisted on the jury that the DNA evidence in the case would not lie.

“Science finally verified what she reported in 2003. Science has caught up with him,” Cardia-Porter told the jury.

2003 Baton Rouge rape case has closing arguments, but hurricane could delay deliberations | Courts Source link 2003 Baton Rouge rape case has closing arguments, but hurricane could delay deliberations | Courts

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