2003 Studebaker XUV Story, Part I

To some extent Five our 6 parts In the Studebaker Avanti series, I touched on the concept of XUV, which debuted in the early 2000s.Big tough truck with almost the same style Crazy popular Hummer H2, consumers weren’t the only parties to watch. Let’s talk about the proceedings.

The XUV was introduced during the penultimate iteration of Avanti Motors, when the company was based in Georgia and was producing a bastard version of the Camaro (then Mustang). Aiming to take advantage of the SUV boom, the company registered the name XUV (Xtreme Utility Vehicle) as a trademark and made its debut in early 2003. Their announcement declared that the XUV would go into production in the fall of 2003.

First shown in a press photo that looks like a painting, the large yellow XUV was set on a rock and ready to conquer a parking lot in a local olive garden. It declared Avanti redefined, restored, and reinvented.The company followed up with Studebaker display At the 2003 Chicago Auto Show. There, an orange XUV was shown among several rocks and parked next to the current Avanti. The date was February 10th.

The news of XUV’s debut spread fairly quickly to General Motors, and the company had filed a proceeding by the end of the month. GM’s accusation was fairly straightforward. The XUV “knocked off the shape of the Hummer H2 and abused it.” Lawyer who managed the proceedings on the GM side Said “GM does not allow others to take advantage of the immense popularity and credit developed at the Hummer H2 by copying its trade dress.” This claim was made by H2 at the time. It makes perfect sense for anyone who remembers how hot it was.

By early August 2003, the proceedings had settled with two very clear victories for GM. Avanti managed to protect himself from the boiling water, but things were still hot. Avanti has agreed to a permanent injunction: the company has been banned from producing SUVs similar to the Hummer H2.

However, they planned to move the XUV forward without being bound by this legal action. Their trucks are very different, unlike the Hummer H2. And how? Of course women. See Part II for more information.

[Image: Avanti Motors]

2003 Studebaker XUV Story, Part I

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