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2020 CHSAA Cross Country Championship coverage – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2020-10-17 23:36:39 –

Colorado Springs-The best high school student from all over Colorado who climbed Colorado Springs on Saturday for the 2020 CHSAA Cross-Country State Championship at the Norris Penrose Event Center.

Many teams in southern Colorado have brought back some hardware from the event.

In the 3A race, the Classic Academy dominated both men’s and women’s competitions.

TCA’s Kennedy McDonald finished second with a time of 19: 13.4, with teammates Cassidy McDonald (19; 35.1) and Sophia Valentine (19.27.5) finishing eighth and ninth, respectively.

Lady Titans will also win the No. 1 team trophy for the second consecutive year with 65 points and a team time of 1:40:40.

“It really feels good,” McDonald’s said. “In the past, we know that our team has won 10 consecutive years in a row, so we’ll try to see how long we can do this.”

On the men’s side, the Titans brought back the state runner-up trophy with 76 points and a team time of 1:27:12.

“Obviously, we wanted to do a little better,” said TCA Senior Nathaniel Brim. “We’ve been to and from the Frontier Academy all year long this year, and we’re really excited to be where we are and to put this year on everything we’ve overcome.”

In 3A, Manitou Springs junior Henry Ilyasova finished 8th with a time of 16: 57.6.

In 4A, Air Academy freshman Bethany Miharak won the gold medal with a time of 17: 58.1, and Lady Cadez finished third overall as a team.

“That’s amazing,” Miharak said. “I don’t think I’ve dealt with it completely. It’s just unbelievable to take this opportunity as a freshman to run the state at COVID-19. I’m grateful that this happened.”

Luis Palmer’s Aubrey Surge (5th-18: 29.6) and Cheyenne Mountain’s Hope Stark (7th-19: 04.0) also finish in the top 10.

On the 4A men’s side, Cheyenne Mountain’s Eric Leroux finished sixth with a time of 15: 46.0.

As a team, the Indians won a runner-up trophy with a total of 63 points and a team time of 1:21:09.

“I feel like I was able to win,” Le Roux said after the race. “That is, we were planning to win the top two, at least some kind of trophy. We’re happy with the second place, but we’re aiming for something bigger next year.”

Palmer’s Scott Prive also finished in 8th place with a time of 15: 51.9.

At 2A rank, there was some history made for Vanguard School.

Junior Ella Johnson won the program’s first cross-country title at 19: 35.5, with Peyton’s Eowyn D’Albeck in second place (19: 43.7).

“It’s crazy,” Johnson said. “I’m really surprised what I can say.”

On the 2A men’s side, Mika Zeller of Custer County finished in an impressive second place at 16: 47.3.

“It makes a lot of sense to finish the high school cross-country season in the top 10,” Zeller added.

The Heritage Christian Academy in Colorado Springs will be number one as a team with 54 points and a team time of 1:13:46. Peyton finished in 3rd place (64 points, team time 1:13:42), with St. Mary’s (87 points, team time 1:14:25) in 4th place.

And in the 5A men’s race, the two runners in southern Colorado also finished second and third.

Lampert’s Benkonrin finished at 15: 27.0 (2nd) and Pine Creek’s Caleb Boutel returned home at 15: 31.0 (3rd).

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