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Let’s face it. Elections are confusing. You’ve probably heard enough about the presidential election. You can decide and maybe knock down and pull out the fight with your family. But do you know who is running for your constituency? Maybe we can help.

Find Congress and Legislative Districts. tucne.ws/districtlocator.. Please submit the address to get the details.

Find a Supervision District in Pima County: tucne.ws/pimasupes,[マップ]Click the tab.

A fun guide to early voting by David Fitzsimmons

2020 Elections: Star Editorial Board Approval

President of the United States

The following candidates are listed alphabetically by surname under each office they operate.

All candidates for the next race were invited to participate in an interview with the Star Editorial Board and the general public via Zoom.

United States Senate

United States Congress

District 1

District 2

District 3

Arizona Legislative District 2


(Vote for 1)


(Vote for 2)

Arizona Legislative District 9



Vote for 2

Arizona Legislative District 10



Vote for 2

Arizona Legislative District 11



Vote for 2

Pima County Sheriff

Pima County Recorder

Pima County Councilor

Pima County Supervisory Board

District 1

District 2

District 3

District 4

District 5

Arizona Corporation Committee

Vote up to 3

Pima County Accounting

TUSD Board of Directors

Vote up to 3

Pima Community College Board

Other races

The following candidates were not invited to an interview with the Star Editorial Board.

Amphitheater Unified School District Board

Vote for 3 or less

Scott K. Baker

Vicky L. Cox Golder

Nathan Davis

Deanna M. Day


Three incumbents and one newcomer vie for three seats on the amphitheater board

Sunnyside Unified School District Board

Vote for 3 or less

Joaquin M. Nuñez

Updated October 14, 2020: Nunez has notified Dustin Williams of Pima County to withdraw his candidacy. “We have decided to move to Texas next year because of family health problems,” Nunez wrote to Williams by email. “It seems unfair and irresponsible for the school board and district to continue the campaign or truly influence the initiatives it seeks to implement, as it turns out that even a quarter of its term cannot be completed. .. “

Rizet Nuñez

Rebecca “Beki” Kintero

Matthew Taylor

Tank Verde Unified School District Board

Vote for 3 or less

Large Mercy

Jeffrey M. Neff

Jeremy L. Sharq

Anne Velosa

Arizona Suggestions

Proposal 207: Smart and Safe Arizona Law

The descriptive title of the ballot says: The law allows adults over the age of 21 to restrict possession, use, and cultivation of marijuana. Amend criminal penalties for possession of marijuana. Ban smoking marijuana in public. We impose a 16% excise tax on the sale of marijuana to fund public programs. Approve marijuana licensee state / local regulations. Allows the elimination of marijuana crimes.

Proposal 208: Investing in Education Law

The descriptive title of the ballot is: The law is 3.5% on taxable annual income of over $ 250,000 for singles or individually applied married persons and over $ 500,000 for jointly applied married persons or heads of household to increase funding for public education. I will impose tax.

Other suggestions

Prop 481

Pima County Community College District: Permanent Basic Expenditure

Will the Pima County Community College District’s base spending limit be permanently adjusted to $ 11,484,199?

Prop 482

Unified School District of Marana: The Board of Directors of Unified School District of Marana, District 6 of Ima County, Arizona (“District”) shall adopt a general maintenance and operating budget that includes amounts exceeding the revenue management limits specified by law. Is it 10% for fiscal year 2021/2022 and the next 6 years, as explained below? Budget override authority for Fiscal Year 2021/2022 will be phased out in one-third of Fiscal Year 2022/2023 and another one-third of Fiscal Year 2023/2024, and existing ones scheduled to end in the next period Represents an extension of budget override privileges. Fiscal year 2024/2025 if voters do not approve overrides.

The proposed continuation of the proposed budget increase for the alternative budget for fiscal year 2021/2022 is estimated to be $ -0-. From fiscal year 2021/2022 to fiscal year 2025/2026, the proposed increase is 10% of the district’s revenue management limit for each year, as set out in Section 15-481 (P) of the Arizona Amendment Act. Will be. In fiscal years 2026/2027 and 2027/2028, the proposed increase was 6.67% of each district’s revenue management limit for each year, as set out in Section 15-481 (P). It will be 3.33%. Arizona Revised Decree.

Proposal 483

Tanque Verde Unified School District: Tanque Verde Unified School District 13 in Pima County, Arizona (“District”) issues and sells general debt bonds with a principal of no more than $ 6,100,000, with the following objectives:

  • Construction of school building;
  • Renovation of school building;
  • Purchase of transport vehicles for students.
  • Purchase or lease a school parcel.
  • Improvement of school grounds, including adjoining methods.
  • Supply furniture, equipment and technology to school buildings.
  • Liquidation of debt incurred for the purposes described in this document.
  • Provides all utilities and other capital items needed to build and refurbish school buildings, and improve school grounds.
  • Pay for all construction, design, engineering, projects, construction management and other costs incurred in connection with the above objectives.And
  • Do you pay all legal, financial and other costs related to the issuance of bonds?

Bonds bear interest not exceeding 8.5% per year. Interest may be proved by separate certificates and will be paid on January 1st and July 1st of each year until the bond expires. Bonds, and bonds issued to refund district bonds, can be sold at a price that includes premiums not exceeding the amount permitted by law. Bonds may be repaid by issuing repayment bonds with a weighted average maturity of less than 75% of the weighted average maturity of the bonds to be repaid. Bonds are $ 5,000 or multiples of $ 5,000, respectively, and mature on the first day of January and / or July of the year determined by the district board. Bonds shall mature for a period of (i) at least one year (or part of them) or (ii) at least 20 years from the date of issue. The issuance of these bonds results in a sufficient increase in property tax to pay the bond’s annual debt repayment.

The capital improvement proposed to be funded through this bond issuance exceeds state standards and is in addition to state-provided funding. The Tank Verde Unified School District is proposing to issue a total of $ 6,100,000 in Class B General Obligatory Debt to fund the improvement of capital in addition to what the state provides. Under the Student FIRST Capital Financing System, the Tank Verde Unified School District is entitled to state money for new construction and renovation of school buildings in accordance with state law.

Prop 485

The Green Valley Fire District in Pima County, Arizona is empowered to issue and sell bonds in extended districts with a principal of no more than $ 13,000,000 and an annual interest rate of no more than 10% (10%). .. For a period not exceeding 20 years, we will use the proceeds of such bonds, including premiums, to fund and / or refinance certain improvements in areas, including but not limited to new telecommunications equipment. Additional fire trucks; replacement of worn and dilapidated equipment. Construction of a fire station, acquisition of related real estate, and refurbishment of existing facilities. Do you pay all costs associated with issuing and selling bonds?

Prop 486

South Tucson: In accordance with the Arizona Constitution, this proposal establishes an alternative spending limit for South Tucson over the next four years. Each year, the city council decides the amount of alternative spending limits for the fiscal year after at least one hearing. This alternative spending limit replaces the spending limit imposed by the state.

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