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Washington-Democrat Joe Biden is approaching the presidential election after opening a narrow lead against President Donald Trump in an important fierce battle state on Friday night.

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As of 10am on Friday, ABC News tells Trump to beat Montana, Texas, Iowa, Florida, Ohio, Idaho, Mississippi, Wyoming, Missouri, Kansas, Utah, Louisiana, South Carolina, Alabama, North Dakota, South Dakota. I predicted. , Arkansas, West Virginia, Tennessee, Indiana, Oklahoma, Kentucky, one of four election votes in Maine, four of five Nebraska election votes.

Meanwhile, Biden clearly emerged as a winner in Wisconsin on Wednesday. ABC News includes Michigan, Hawaii, Minnesota, Road Island, Virginia, New Mexico, California, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, New Hampshire, Colorado, Nebraska, New York, Vermont, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey. , 1 election vote in Nebraska, 3 election votes in Maine.

Not yet planned races: Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania.

Biden was the leader in Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Georgia, and was in a stronger position to win the 270 electoral college votes needed to win the White House. Winners will lead countries facing a historic set of challenges, including a surge in pandemics and deep political polarization.

Pennsylvania, where Biden led Trump with more than 27,000 votes, and Nevada, where the Democratic Party led about 22,000 votes, received a lot of attention. Long waits have increased anxiety in countries facing historic challenges, such as a pandemic surge and deep political polarization.

Biden said he would stay at his home in Wilmington, Delaware for the duration of the vote, and his aide would address the country during prime time. Trump stayed in the White House and disappeared. More results came in, expanding Biden’s lead in winning Pennsylvania. In the West Wing, reporters lined up to test the coronavirus, and the TV continued to keep an eye on the news in a normality trap as the outdoor crew worked at North Lawn on a calm, sultry autumn day. I did.

Meanwhile, Trump’s campaign was quiet. It was a dramatic difference from the day before, when we held a confident morning conference call and rushed to a press conference arranged in a hurry to announce the proceedings in major states.

Mr. Trump was testing whether the president’s trap of power could be used to undermine confidence in the vote, as the path to reelection seemed so narrow.

On Thursday, he is unsupported fraud to falsely claim that his rivals are trying to seize power with extraordinary efforts by the US president sitting to question the democratic process. I proceeded with the election accusation.

“This is when they’re trying to steal elections, and they’re trying to cheat elections,” Trump said from the White House briefing room podium.

He promised further legal action on Twitter late Friday, saying, “Joe Biden should not unfairly claim the position of president. I can do so. The legal process has just begun. I tweeted.

Road to Victory: How Trump or Joe Biden Wins President

Trump claimed he won late in the election night. He was also well-known that votes cast before Tuesday were still legally counted, but “had such a big lead in all these states late in the election night. But I just saw the lead miraculously disappear as the days went by. ” ..

Biden spent Thursday trying to ease tensions and project a more traditional image of presidential leadership. After attending the coronavirus briefing, he declared that “each vote must be counted.”

“I want everyone to be calm. The process is working,” Biden said. “It’s the voter’s will. No one chooses the President of the United States.”

Trump’s false allegations of election integrity have weakened his grip on his office, but with the President, who ordered Republicans to receive very high approval ratings from GOP ranks and members of the File. Faced with the choice of whether to break up. This was especially true for those looking for a presidential election in 2024.

“There is no defense against tonight’s presidential comments damaging the process of democracy. The United States counts votes,” said Larry Hogan, presidential candidate for the Republican Party of Maryland, who can often criticize Mr. Trump. We have to respect the results as usual. We have before. “

However, others rumored to be considering running the White House within four years have agreed with their current position, including Republican Senator Josh Hawley, who tweeted support for Trump’s allegations. Something revealed is that we now need a new election integrity law. “

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Mr. Trump’s campaign rushed legal action, saying he had filed proceedings in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia, calling for a recount in Wisconsin.

However, judges in the three states immediately withdrew the proceedings. A federal judge, who was asked to suspend the number of votes in Philadelphia, instead forced both sides to reach an agreement without orders exceeding the number of observers allowed.

“Are we really unable to reach an agreement as a responsible adult here?” Indignant U.S. District Court Judge Paul S. Diamond said at an emergency hearing Thursday evening. .. “Everything may be (immediately) controversial.”

In Pennsylvania, state law did not allow civil servants to process mail votes until election day, which gave Biden a great advantage.

Voting by mail from all over the state was overwhelmingly broken in the direction of Biden. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the use of time-consuming mail votes has skyrocketed, and the total number of final votes may not be clear for several days.

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The Trump campaign said it was confident that the president would eventually win in Arizona, where votes are still being counted, including Maricopa County, the state’s most populous region.

The Trump campaign, despite long-term probabilities, raised legal issues in some states. Since multiple states have not been declared, multiple proceedings must be won in multiple states to stop voting.

Some Trump team proceedings only require improved access for campaign observers to where votes are processed and counted. A Georgia judge dismissed the campaign proceedings there within 12 hours of being filed.And a Michigan judge dismissed the Trump proceeding over whether enough Republican challengers had access to the absentee ballot process.

Biden’s attorney Bob Bauer said the proceedings were legally “useless.” Their sole purpose is “to create an opportunity for them to falsely send a message about what is happening during the election process,” he said.

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