2021 Acura TLXA-Spec Long Term Wrap Up

I was wondering what happened in our long term 2021 Acura TLXA-Spec test car?? No wonder anymore. Here’s an answer to share with you in a long-term summary.

Finally, we updated on the bright Apex Blue sports sedan. It had a lot of electric gremlin experience.. We overcame a strange problem — a random shift to a park at rest, an infotainment glitch — the car simply decided not to start for a day.This led to it being a flat bed in Acura dealer Where it stayed Unusually long time.. To be exact, it was just over two months. The problem was ultimately determined to be due to the ingress of water into the fuse box, and we sometimes waited for corroded parts because the water was in a place where it should never be.

Of course, our first question was how the water got into the fuse box. Acura At first there was no clear answer, but don’t worry. Eventually the answer came back.

So, when the parts were put in and installed, Acura gave the car a clean health bill, and we got it back with just one month left in our annual loan term. unfortunately, TLX It won’t be that long. Editor-in-chief Greg Migliore has adopted TLX for this final mission. Two weeks of normal operation passed without problems, after which the electric gremlin returned. One afternoon he got out of the car, the dash glowed like a Christmas tree, and sent him into a sloppy mode, as Migliore said. The car ran technically, but couldn’t drive.

This meant taking yet another trip to an Acura dealer in a flatbed for another diagnosis. Over time, the original one-year loan with TLX expired. About a month later, Acura finally got an answer about what happened to our poor TLX.

Why is it so long? Acura actually called in an engineer to try to sort out what happened with this particular car. answer? Fill the fuse box with water again. Apparently, the original leak source was not found on the first lap and water was still flowing into the fuse box, so the previous water intrusion problem was not completely resolved. Acura says it was very difficult to find the cause of the intrusion, which led dealers and engineers to spend a very long time diagnosing and organizing.

Eventually, the leak was determined to have occurred through the car’s A-pillar due to a “manufacturing anomaly.” Engineers discovered that condensation should not occur inside the A-pillar, and that water traveled down the A-pillar through the wire to the fuse box area, where it penetrated the fuse box. For those who wonder, the TLX fuse box is in its usual location under the north dash of the dead pedal. Of course, water and sensitive electronics don’t mix well, which explains all of the random electrical problems that occurred while our car spent time with us.

Unfortunately, the time originally scheduled for TLX has expired by the time Acura resolves the root of the problem. And, not surprisingly here, Acura did not extend our loan and return the car to us. After that last flatbed by the dealer, we never saw it again. To be honest, we are not completely shocked by it either. Even after believing that Acura had been fixed once, the problem was definitely not fixed.

For now, it’s easy to tell what happened and what Acura reported to us. This includes the fact that company engineers have confirmed that the leaks we have experienced are “not a common problem.” Moreover, I believe no other TLX has the same problem. Not all new TLX owners have ears, but I searched the internet for people reporting similar things in forums, Facebook groups, and elsewhere, but those who have the same problem Was not found. Of course, even one owner who has experienced with a new car is not good. And, assuming our car is anomalous, we’re lucky for Acura that one car with this problem happened to be rented out to the media, essentially amplifying the problem. ..

Beyond the problem

Yeah, we all taste a little sour in the mouth about this, but when it was running we worshiped TLX.I got universal love from the staff Its handling and driving dynamics..The 4-cylinder with 2.0 liter turbocharger has grown for us And during our time.Final whole Fuel economy After driving about 9,000 miles, the average was 23mpg, which is only 1mpg from the total of 24mpg. EPA shape. And although the 10-speed automatic wasn’t everyone’s tea, it was also well received.

Acura’s new design has been impressive and attractive for over a year since the car debuted. interior Both luxury and technology far exceed that price.Some of us have grown up to have fun Acura’s TrueTouch Infotainment System, While others … continue to hate it. This is something you should try before you buy. This is one of the most disruptive things in this car.

It’s a shame I had to end my time at TLX A-Spec this way, and I sincerely hope that no one else has to deal with similar issues. If so, please let me know. At the very least, be aware that the highest level Acura engineers are at least aware of the potential and are taking steps to prevent it from happening again.

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2021 Acura TLXA-Spec Long Term Wrap Up

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