2021 BMW 4 Series Convertible First Drive | Soft Top for Softer 4 Series

The· 4 series Is one of BMWIt’s the most versatile model of recent years, a name that hasn’t existed for decades. Standard coupe, grand coupe, convertibleAnd, in a sense, an electric model.We have already tested Various versions of 2-door hardtop coupeBut now it’s time to give the 20214 Series Convertible time in the sun.

For this generation of 4 Series Convertibles, there’s nothing bigger than the change from a hardtop to a fabric softtop. The discussions at each top remain the same as usual. Hardtops can reduce wind noise, increase cabin insulation, and reduce blind spots. Soft tops, on the other hand, are traditionally much lighter and take up less space in the trunk when stowed. Less complexity will almost certainly help in terms of long-term reliability.You can claim one aesthetic in either way, but I prefer this for the 4 Series New carSoft top.

The top itself is made of multiple layers of insulation to do our best to mimic the luxury that a hardtop offers and to take advantage of various means of keeping it as tense as possible. BMW aims for a coupe-like look in a completely sealed condition, and the shape of the top does a compelling job. As with previous BMW soft tops, there are options for a real glass rear window and a black fabric top featuring a metallic sparkle. Our test car didn’t have this top attached, but the idea is to make it look more like paint than a flat black cloth.

Of course, the advantage of the soft top is the ride comfort. According to BMW, this top is 40% lighter Old hardtop And it offers more headroom than 0.2 inches. cargo The capacity will increase by 1.2 cubic feet, but don’t get too excited (the coupe is 12.0 cubic feet) as the cargo area is still quite a cube-like 9.0 cube. BMW says the additional insulation will lead to faster heating of the cabin in cold weather, but we gladly tested the car in the sultry Michigan in May, so we accept their words about it. is needed. Placing the top up and down is a half-hearted 18-second process that can be done at speeds up to 31 mph. You can also control the top via the key fob and change its position from outside the car.

Like the standard 4-series coupe, the convertible is available in both 430i and M440i variations. The xDrive version will be available in July, but both will initially be rear-wheel drive only. There is additional importance in that fact: it means that the convertible offers a rear-wheel drive M440i. The coupe version is all-wheel drive only. It’s logical that all-wheel drive isn’t a convertible need, but understand why a luxury sports coupe bound to find a way to countless garages in California, Florida, Texas, etc. is obligatory. Is difficult.

The powertrain specifications reflect the specifications of the other 4 Series. The base 430i features a 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder with 255 horsepower and 295 lb-ft torque. Second, the M440i delivers up to 382 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque. Both are very fast — the 430i reaches 60 mph in 5.9 seconds and the M440i does it in 5.0 seconds. Both of these numbers are expected to improve on the all-wheel drive model, as there is a significant difference of 0.4 seconds and 0.7 seconds, respectively, over the coupe’s all-wheel drive time. Like most BMWs these days, both models are equipped with only an 8-speed automatic.

pilot The top-down M440i is great. Despite taking top-down measures to damp engine noise, BMW says it has added additional muffling features around the intakes, engine cover, and underbody to reduce noise. I will. The active exhaust can be opened and sung beautiful music when squeezed beyond 5,000 and 6,000 rpm. Never get tired of listening to this cute note crescendo up and down over time. Rolling from the top down also reduces the fake noise from the speakers, so in most cases you will hear the real sound.

Even with this rear-wheel drive model, you will often hear the tires. As long as BMW’s excellent sports traction mode, the M440i leaves two pieces of rubber for each full throttle takeoff. As soon as you feed a few locks, you’ll learn about a cleverly dialed-in slip control that allows you to loosen the trailing edge by the right amount.Acceleration is significantly slower M340i Or the M440ix Drive model, but the wind and extra noise in the hair is enough to satisfy the desire for accelerated thrills.

The 430i is full of energy, but the thrust is medium considering the sprint of nearly 6 seconds up to 60 mph. BMW’s 4-cylinders tend to make better sounds than most of the time, but this model focuses on luxury convertible motors rather than loud sounds.

Both models are hampered. It’s easy to see that the convertible has lost some of the stiffness and stiffness that exists in the 3 Series and 4 Series Coupes. In addition, the M440i Convertible is 194 pounds heavier than the coupe, comparing a rear-wheel drive soft top to an all-wheel drive coupe. The xDrive variant is likely to add a lot more weight. Compared to the previous generation, the 4-cylinder version is 47 pounds lighter and the 6-cylinder equivalent is 76 pounds heavier.

Unique enhancements to this generation of the 4 Series Convertible include front aluminum sheer panels, torsionally stiff side skirts, stronger transmission tunnels and a stiffer rear floor plate. Combining all of these increases torsional stiffness by 4%. Old hardtop 4 series convertible. Still, the proper roof cannot be replaced.

The drop top is a less motivated dance partner than the coupe, although it can hold itself when you start pushing. Its high-performance Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires (part of a dynamic handling package that also adds adaptive dampers and 19-inch wheels) worked overtime to keep grip levels high. Even with the adaptive damper in sport mode, there is less body control and the weight of the chassis is not hidden anywhere. As its epic tourer tendencies show, it’s not as certain as a coupe and stimulates self-confidence.

Similar ink spills can occur on the 430i we drive, which is also equipped with a handling pack. It has less throttle maneuvering power, but it’s another capable yet non-stimulating handler. Basically, don’t buy a 4 Series Convertible as a weekend backroad warrior. Its ability is undeniable, but the noise emitted by the M440i is the only one that really illuminates us from behind the steering wheel.

It’s great to spend time on the highway and cruising the city. Even if a wind deflector is not installed, wind noise and wind intrusion into the cabin are restricted. We tested how BMW’s wind deflection engineering works on a 75 mph phone on the highway, but people on other lines don’t even know they’re top-down convertible. did. You can enjoy luxurious sailing just by raising the volume of the speaker by a few notches. If it gets a little chilly at night, you can also keep it top-down. Inverting the heated seat, headrest neck warmer, and heated steering wheel dramatically expands the temperature range in which top-down operation is allowed.

Top-up wind noise is also a star, especially considering that it is a rug top. BMW’s insulation strategy works astoundingly because the top doesn’t buffet or add much more volume to the interior than the coupe already has. In either position you can use the top to drive long distances and be hit completely. Our only complaint about convertibles in calm driving is about some extra harshness and vibration around the cowl and A-pillars. Rough roads and streets reveal that the car lacks a roof and associated structural integrity. On the plus side of downtown cars, the car’s new 48-volt mild hybrid system allows the engine to turn off when coasting, allowing more peaceful crossing of these areas.

Putting people in the back seats is a difficult game to play. Their faces tap fast and lightly in strong winds, so you may need to raise the top on long highway trips. At least the convertible takes advantage of the much larger backseat of the coupe, as the average adult can push behind another average adult without pulling muscles. This is unusual for convertibles in any price range. Of course, the trunk is small, so please carry everyone’s luggage and do your best.

The rest of the interior is designed to reflect the design of all other 3 and 4 series, providing a generally acceptable amount of luxury for BMW. As for the technology available, there are all of BMW’s usual suspects. iDrive7 infotainment system It is impressive and is a complete suite of BMW’s optional driver assistance systems.

And now for the elephants in the room. To be more precise, the beaver. The grill has somehow reached this point, not to mention, but now it’s here. Take it or leave it. Does it work better in a convertible? No, it’s not. One thing is for sure, at a glance at the front, you can’t mistake this 4 Series Convertible for the previous Convertible. Making a new car look new was a valuable goal for BMW, but most of the staff still deeply despise this grill, especially because the rest of the car is really attractive. If you want to hide the face more effectively, at least darken the outer color. And always approach from behind.

The 430i starts at $ 54,095 and the M440i rises to $ 64,995. The 4 series has no crystal surface and is commonly present 8 series convertible, But if you were pinned later 840i The drop-top M440i is an attractive “budget” alternative.Ann Audi A5 or S5 Convertible Both start at a low price, Mercedes C Class Cabriolet The equivalent is a bit more expensive, as expected.So is Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet.. All of them drive brilliantly at this point, but the BMW is a bit more fun with its nice in-line 6-cylinder and agile chassis. You either like it or hate it, but it’s undeniable that the car behind the grill is a well-performing and likable convertible.

Associate Editor Byron Hard also contributed to this review.

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2021 BMW 4 Series Convertible First Drive | Soft Top for Softer 4 Series

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