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Denver, Colorado 2021-06-08 22:23:43 –

Denver — Colorado lawmakers closed the 2021 legislative session on Tuesday after passing dozens of final bills.

The session ended a few days before the constitutional June 12th. However, many lawmakers wanted to go to their fields to plant crops and get back to work.

Is End date is later than usual After the start of the legislative session was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The last few hours of the legislative session included jokes, pranks, compliments, music performances, an annual rubber ball drop, and, of course, last-minute discussions.

The legislator briefly considered a motion to revoke the governor’s veto on the bill. Redefine the rules about who can run for Lieutenant GovernorIt is the first time in 2006 that the veto has been revoked in the state. However, the motion was rejected by the House of Representatives.

For Democratic leaders, the session was productive and said it was able to achieve many of the goals it set before the November elections.

“I think this is one of the most historic and productive sessions I’ve attended,” said Congressman Alec Garnett. “We said we would do all these things, but on the last day of the session we are very proud to do all these things.”

Garnet, a Democrat in Denver, Transportation expenses, Gun safety law Bill for the purpose of Reduction of medical expenses As a big victory.

Other invoices containing 1 to 1 Limit the use of ketamine From one person by the first responder Build on top of police reform Since last year, Colorado Patrol’s limited immunity, insulin price caps, property tax cuts, misdemeanor law reforms, alcohol takeaway and delivery, etc. have all passed the final review and are now heading to the Governor’s desk.

depth: These big Colorado bills did not pass on the final day of Congress in 2021.

Many bills were passed, but some others did not pass, including a bill that changed the way. Pretrial prison detention It will be carried out. This bill was one of the most controversial bills in this session, and previous versions were subsequently deprecated. Widespread backlash from law enforcement agencies..

A second bill to change the rules of harassment at work was also killed by the commission.

“They aren’t really ready, so they’re pushed to the end of the session,” said Hugh McKean, a member of the House of Representatives, R-Loveland. , It’s the most controversial thing anyway. “

Meanwhile, the proposed bill Major reforms of the Sex Offenders Commission I was disappointed. Instead, a version was passed that extended the board for another two years.

Instead, the Republicans and Democrats have agreed to tentatively consider reforms of the board more closely and discuss what amendments are possible. If the bill fails, Garnett maintains a positive tone, saying that not all of the bills introduced will pass, but the list of achievements is longer than the list of shortcomings.

However, Republicans and Democrats have been able to pass legislation that assigns state and federal stimulus to support economic recovery.

“Last year’s history made us. This year has made a name for itself in history. We prioritized COVID bailouts. We prioritized regaining stronger buildings and states. I passed the stimulus, “Garnet said.

Part of the federal stimulus fund has been used for future spending, so Congress should see how the situation will shape in the coming months and determine areas where additional assistance is needed. I can.

“We plan to use dollars from the state to support different areas of the economy, but we don’t want to do it all at once. Now we all see rising prices for gasoline, milk and timber. We’ve been. If we now inject billions of dollars into this economy, there will be massive inflation, McKean said.

McKean also advertised a bill to bail out small and medium-sized enterprises with tax losses over the past few years, and a bill that would allow small governments to do county road maintenance indefinitely.

But he wasn’t happy with some bills, including transportation and other tariffs, and said Colorado families and businesses would suffer even with passed tax cuts.

Nonetheless, Garnett was excited about the transportation bill and said it would bring significant improvements to state-wide infrastructure over the next few years.

The final bill of the session to be discussed addressed environmental justice for overly affected communities. In a last-minute discussion on Monday, the Senate passed an amendment to combine the bill with another bill aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions across the state.

On the House floor, Republicans claimed that they did not have enough time to consider amending the bill or changing accounting notes, and asked them to either abandon the bill or return it to the Commission for further discussion.

In the end, the bill was passed.

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