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Fresno, California 2021-02-28 23:22:10 –

New York-Norman Lear has done the same as an active producer celebrating his 99th birthday, linking television to “all-in-the-family” and 20th-century comedies.

However, King Lear was modest as he won the Carol Burnett Award for his decades of achievement, and for the decade itself, at the Virtual Golden Globe Awards ceremony on Sunday.

“I’m sure laughter adds time to life. No one has made me laugh more than Carol Burnett, and no one has the time,” he said in a video from the armchair in the living room. He wore a suit and had a dignified look, but his trademark white boat hat added an evil touch.

“I had a life of partners, performers, associations, and creative talents that I’m forever grateful for,” Leah said, without them “a completely different Norman Leah here tonight.” I added that.

The first partnership with Ed Simons led to working for Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis at the Colgate Comedy War. They were also working on the “Martha Raye Show”.

The 1950s series began their careers, including the hit comedies “Mode,” “Good Times,” “Jeffersons,” and “One Day at A Time.” The latter was restarted in 2017 by Leah and a new team of producers. This time we are focusing on Latin families.

“At the age of 98, he was still making television and still having problems,” actor comedian Wanda Sykes said in her narration of Globe’s filmed compliment to Leah.

His series addressed racism, feminism, and other social issues that were taboo on television before King Lear and his then partner Bud Yorkin broke through “All in the Family.” .. Lear was politically active off the screen as a supporter of civil liability, including purchasing a copy of the Declaration of Independence for a national tour of the document.

Leah has received numerous awards and honors. He was part of the first group to be inducted into the Television Academy Hall of Fame in 1984, receiving six Emmy Awards, the Peabody Lifetime Achievement Award and the National Medal of Arts.

On Sunday, he said the family was at the center of his life, screaming at his 30-year-old wife, Lynn Davis Lear. Five daughters and one son, “25 to 74 years old”, and four grandchildren.

“I’ve never lived alone near the age of 99. I’ve never laughed alone. It’s more related than being here today than anything else I know. There is, “said Lear, who was born. July 1922.

He ended his remarks with the catchphrase Burnett used on her many years of variety shows and the matching ear pull.

“I’m glad we spent this time together,” he said.

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