2021 Honda N-One acquires infinite performance parts

Indeed, on the surface, it can be argued that the Honda N-One is not the most exciting car in the world.Yes it is Kay Cars – Japan’s post-war government initiative to build small cars at low prices, affordable – but still did not prevent Mugen Motorsport from offering sporty add-ons.

It’s very easy to throw an N-One under the bus as a city car last year, but keep in mind that these are hot ones.Too many, there is one make Kay Japanese car racing series competing on Suzuka F1 trucks. What car did they choose? Honda N-One.

To comply with efficiency regulations, power plants cannot generate more than 63 horsepower (47 kW). This certainly limits the scope of performance upgrades, but it didn’t stop one of the Japanese tuning giants from going.

Apart from providing the backbone of grassroots Japanese motorsports, this cool Honda has undergone several stylish and functional upgrades from Mugen. Many components are style-biased, but some have performance in mind. The exterior can be fitted with a new exhaust, front splitter, side skirts, gurney flaps and even a set of spicy forged aluminum wheels.

Interior options are much more reserved with highlights limited to a series of shift knobs and sports pedals-the former is certainly less functional than the latter. That said, like a car, these upgrades are bigger than the sum of those parts.

Add-ons don’t quickly turn a vehicle into a truck day weapon, but they do show its esoteric nature. This is not the Type R we are talking about here. It’s just an effort to strengthen these small form factor vehicles.

2021 Honda N-One acquires infinite performance parts

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