2021 National Teacher of Year: Juliana Urtubey from Nevada – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-05-06 09:14:37 –

Juliana Ultzby, a special education teacher in Las Vegas, received this award. She is the first teacher to win a victory in Nevada.

Las Vegas — The coronavirus pandemic has driven students out of the classroom, and it has become clear how difficult learning disabilities, distractions, and difficult family dynamics can make it difficult to adhere to a rigorous curriculum.

The silver backing that educators take a flexible approach to meeting students where they are in a year of huge losses is the newly named 2021 US Open teacher. One Juliana Urtubey said.

“As teachers, we are much more open to this self-paced learning, this flipped classroom. This is an invitation to students who have different ways of thinking and learning,” says Urtubey.

The Supreme State School Officers Council commended Las Vegas Special Education Teachers on Thursday.

“Juliana Urtubey demonstrates the dedication, creativity and heartfelt attitude that teachers bring to students and the community,” said Carissa Moffat Miller, CEO of the Council.

The council said she was the first Latino-American winner since 2005 and the first Nevada teacher to win this award.

An 11-year educator, Urtubey works with elementary school students to personalize lessons to meet academic, emotional and behavioral needs. This allows her to be placed throughout the school, from struggling with pre-kindergarten students to supporting fifth grade science classes and developing strategies with teachers on how to work with special needs students.

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Her approach is to think about the child as a whole, take into account interests, hobbies, family structure, and community, and use it to understand what the child needs and how to find strengths. Said.

“There are always strengths to find, so once you find those strengths, start from there,” Urtubey said.

She said she learned the value of education in the context of her child early in life. She moved from Colombia to the United States at an early age and spent some of her early education at a bilingual magnet school before her family moved and couldn’t find a similar school nearby.

Urtubey said he realized the importance of a school that “really knows how to raise and invigorate” students in a way that takes into account their student’s identity.

She said she decided to go into special education after seeing how competent some students were after receiving the information in another way.

“I know I can go step by step and become a teacher who makes a lot of celebrations and really enjoys learning for children, especially those who have a difference between thinking and learning. “She said.

She has reached out and raised her students by starting a community garden at Crestwood Elementary School and a community garden she taught before enrolling in a new school this year. She launched the project seven years ago, trimming bare grass patches and parts of a dilapidated school building. Today, it’s a thriving outdoor classroom with flowers, fruit trees, vegetables, and more than 12 murals.

Her students formed a garden club called “Gnomies” to take care of the space, and also set up a mini-farmers market that was run by donations and sent fresh produce back to the students.

“I can imagine what it means to be a kid who isn’t very successful in the classroom but always goes out and learns in the yard,” she said. “It’s fun for them and fun for teachers.”

Thanks to the students, Urtubey has given a new nickname. As a play of her name, “Earth-to-bey”. Today they call her Mr. Earth.

“This is by far the most prestigious award I have ever been awarded,” she said of her nickname.

Urtubey’s garden and how it connected with the community and helped students grow was one of the factors cited by the selection committee in nominating her teacher of the year.

Urtubey is a freshman in a new school. Kermit R. Booker, Sr. in Las Vegas. We are planning to set up another garden at Innovative Elementary School. She feels that her students are understood as a teacher of the year, an advocacy of the year, and she works with her family and community to address fraud, prejudice, racism, and deficiencies in a “fun and fair education”. “We plan to promote it. Of access to resources.

Winners are usually honored by the President at the White House Ceremony each spring, but have been postponed to the second year due to a pandemic. The State School Chief Executive Council has said it will work with the White House to schedule a ceremony for Urtubey and 2020 winner Tabatha Rosproy, Kansas, in a safe time.

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