2021 Pulitzer Prize Winners-New York Times

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Podcast “No Compromise” We surveyed a group of American right-wing activists with extreme Progan views and an increase in followers on social media.

Finalist National Public Radio staff.Chicago Invisible Institute, Intercept, Topic Studio Staff

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Frazier, a young woman who took out her cell phone Record the killing of George FloydWas recognized in a video that spurred worldwide acclaim for police atrocities.


This entry in the ongoing Chippewa Chronicle Set in the 1950s, its title character was inspired by a letter sent to Mr. Erdrich’s grandfather and a Washington politician to save his tribe.

Finalist “The Register of My Passages on Earth” by Daniel Mason. Percival Everett’s “Telephone”


“Franchise” connects McDonald’s with the civil rights movementTells the history of an increasingly complex relationship between fast food giants and the black community.

Finalist “War of Deviants: Homosexuals vs. United States”, by Eric Cervini. “Misumi War: Alliance, Federation, and Indigenous Peoples in the Battle for the West,” Megan Kate Nelson


This poetic biographyMalcolm X’s life situation and importance, using hundreds of original interviews with his family, friends, colleagues and enemies after the death of Les Spain’s daughter and principal investigator Tamara Pain in 2018. Reconstructed the moment.

Finalist “Red Comet: Sylvia Plus’s Short-lived and Fiery Art”, Heather Clark; “Strangers in the City of Generals: Japanese Women and Her World”, Amy Stanley


The New York Times Book Review called this collectionIntroduces Diaz’s gift for musicality and imagery, focusing on the experience of a strange woman in color. “Undoubtedly one of the most important poetry releases in the last few years.”

Finalist “A Reatiseon Stars” by Mei-mei Berssenbrugge. “Late in the World” by Carolyn Forche

2021 Pulitzer Prize Winners-New York Times

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