2021 Q1 Shots Fired Report: Addressing the increase in violence – Seattle, Washington

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Number and type of shootings.

Graphic courtesy of King County Public Prosecutor’s Office

Information from King County

In the first three months of 2021, there were 16 murders and 53 non-fatal shootings across King County, for a total of 253 shootings.

“This isn’t just a problem in King County, it’s a national trend across America’s largest cities, with homicide rates increasing by about 38%,” said King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg. I told KIRO Radio..

Our office launched the Shots Fired project in 2017 to adopt a public health approach to gun violence. Through data analysis and expanding community partnerships, we understand which individuals and communities are at greatest risk and leverage both preventative and interventional approaches to keep King County residents safe.

39 law enforcement agencies in King County collect and share data with us. Summarize the quarterly analysis, The first quarter 2021 gun crime report is available here..Follow this link to find out King County shooting statistics for the entire 2020..

“We know it’s focused on young people.” Satterberg told KNKX.. “42% of those shot were under the age of 24, 70% were colored, and 80% were young men.”

The King County Prosecutor’s Office is working with Choose 180 on a project called Choose Freedom that uses Shots Fired data to prioritize community involvement with people at the highest risk of gun violence. Our office also participates in the King County Regional Approach to Gun Violence, led by Seattle-King County Public Health / Zero Youth Detention.

He also recently supported a $ 2 million gun violence prevention grant program through the King County Council. Community-based violence interruption work..

Additional coverage of the Shots Fired project and efforts to reduce gun violence include: Follow this link to see details of each murder filed in 2021..

Urgent gun violence prevention investment in Executive Constantine budget

King County’s public health approach to end gun violence is regional peace, including partnerships with community groups around the county, including the White Center and Skyway, under a new urgent budget proposal by King County executive Dow Constantine. Expand the maintainer population.

An emergency budget revision sponsored by King County Congressman Joe McDermott includes an investment of $ 1.47 million to curb gun violence through data-driven identification of groups and neighbors at highest risk of being involved in shooting. , Community involvement will increase and increase. Employee placement of community staff to connect community members to service and support opportunities.

“To stop the gun violence we witnessed in our community in the Central District, White Center and Pioneer Square last weekend, we need more than a criminal justice response. We need upstream public health interventions that we know can help prevent it. “

Proposed omnibus budget amendments include:

  • $ 768,000 – 10 additional violent thugs, case managers and life coaches hired through community partners to build trust with clients (White Center, Skyway, Burien, Kent, Central District).
  • $ 100,000 – Consultants leverage their Oakland experience to build problem analysis and provide other technical assistance, including identifying groups, neighbors, and individuals at highest risk of being involved in shooting.
  • $ 374,000 – Expand existing community contract positions to support violence disruptors, case managers, and life coaches
  • $ 227,000 – Additional Staff Capabilities to Launch and Support Regional Peacekeeping Army Groups

The proposal expands the work of regional peacekeepers who have led the county’s efforts to prevent gun violence, including the distribution of free lockboxes on Skyway and Kent. Peacekeepers work on the principles of intervention, prevention and recovery to stop violence and help ensure wraparound services and coordinated care.

“In a tragic year of record-breaking gun violence in our country, interventions that put people and communities first will be essential,” said King County Assemblyman Joe McDermott. .. “And here in King County, this pain is too well understood. The tragedy at the White Center last weekend is still fresh and devastating to our community. From community violence to interpersonal violence, Peacekeepers Collective can make a big impact if we provide it. This support. “

Two people were killed and two were injured in a shooting at the White Center, and another was shot in the central district over the weekend. A total of 69 people were shot dead in King County in the first quarter of 2021, the majority of whom were men and people of color. Forty-two percent of the victims were between the ages of 18 and 24.

2021 Q1 Shots Fired Report: Addressing the increase in violence Source link 2021 Q1 Shots Fired Report: Addressing the increase in violence

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