2021 Ram 1500 Rear Seat Driveway Test | Rear Space, Reclining Rear Seat, Child Seat

The TRX is the latest and sexiest 2021 Ram 1500. It’s also the most powerful at hundreds of horsepower, and its stunning suspension allows you to achieve something truly stunning off-road. Like both “from a paved road” and “jump off the road and eventually land there”.

That said, the suspension makes the TRX surprisingly comfortable when you return to Terra Farm. It’s really gorgeous and the result of its four-wheel coil spring with a very long initial movement. In other words, this is one high performance you can get without fear of being ridiculed by others that are important about buying some solid ride sports stuff that makes long journeys miserable. It’s a car. Don’t say about fuel costs.

In addition to ride comfort, the TRX shares the same crew cab as the other 2021 Ram 1500s. In addition to having the same kind of luxury legroom as a full-size truck crew cab, the ram goes up and down in many ways, especially at the top trim level like the TRX.

First, recline. Although not the only track to do so (Hello tundra!), Nevertheless, this is a great feature to take full advantage of the vast feet of crew cab has to offer. Note that in this photo the front seats are as far back as possible.

A word: The seat back does more than just lean back. There is no room for that. Instead, the top of the seat is basically left in place and the bottom slides forward with the bottom of the seat. Airplane seats and reclining chairs in my office work in the same way. Also, since the seat is basically pulled forward, the reclining mechanism is located between both feet under the bottom of the seat.

There is a lot of power here as well. In addition to both USB-A and USB-C ports, there are suitable house-style outlets to which you can connect things like toasters. Note that there are only two ports to choose from, not four.

Also check those seat controls. The backseats are not only reclining, but also heated and ventilated. It’s cool. literally!

In addition to a small shelf that can hold your cell phone while charging, the center console cup holder unit doubles as a tablet holder. A compassionate touch.

Indeed, the trim piece is a bit unstable. I’m just aware of that in the picture. I didn’t see it directly.

This is another thoughtful touch that is unique to TRX. With the molding strap on the front seat back, you can attach whatever you like.

This is the foldable center armrest. We have already determined that this is a more robust and well-finished unit than what Ford offers.

Lamb’s foldable storage bins / dividers, on the other hand, have less volume than those in the Ford F-Series and aren’t ready for guns.

Finally, let’s talk about child seats. The Ram 1500 has low LATCH anchors for all three seating positions, which is very rare. And this is not the usual situation where there is an extra LATCH anchor in the center and one of the anchors is “rented” from the outboard motor seat (so that seat is not available). No, there are two suitable latch anchors. Although they are not completely centered (shifted to the right), the rams are so wide that people can be placed on either side of the seat.

The LATCH anchor was also very easily accessible and I had no problems plugging in the Chicco attachment clasp. Below are the outboard LATCH anchors.

Frankly, it’s especially likely to use a tall TRX, given that it’s a bit difficult to lift a child seat and a child in the middle of the cab.

In the photo below, there is plenty of room even though the front seats are far behind, so there is no problem with space.

So you have it. It exceeds the function of the back seat of Ram 1500. You really can’t beat it.

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2021 Ram 1500 Rear Seat Driveway Test | Rear Space, Reclining Rear Seat, Child Seat

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